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Live your life as usual or create a better life for you.

By successfully utilizing tools and techniques personal development coaching recreates, refreshes, and redefines who you are and what you truly desire. You will realize your extraordinary self and achieve powerful growth.

What is a Personal Development Coach?

A Personal Development Coach is your ultimate confidant. You can share your life issues dreams and obstacles with me in complete trust and confidence. I will guide you through to resolutions ,empowering you forward with clear direction. By resolving barriers that have had you in the “stuck cycle” for too long. Let me recognize for you ineffective patterns and guide you in a way that creates change for your life. You will be given tools and techniques that are life long. Together we will create your life, they way you really want it. Im not going to be bias as a well meaning friend/family could be. I am professionally qualified to Coach you as a Life/Personal Development Coach. I have many Life experiences and Life wisdom which enables me to be completely empathetic to you and your individual intimate life. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Im ready to listen to you today.

As metaphor I liken it to this. What do you do if your car doesn’t run to its full capability, even though you are filling it with petrol and oil etc? You seek the knowledge of a trained professional. A mechanic. Well consider me a life mechanic. It takes an intelligent honest mind to recognize and respond to life if it isn’t as desired. There are some who would rather push on regardless of what they are truly feeling.

I know its not easy to ask for help when you are feeling the way you do. but you have reached the point where enough is enough..or you would not be reading this..i know it takes courage and also intelligence to want better than you have..so well done..Help me to help you to change your mind and change your life.

What would it be like In just 6 weeks you will define the true you, master the basic fundamentals that build lasting changes in your life. You will have clear direction and own your life goals for the year ahead. You will be given tools and techniques to move you forward, with the answers in new found confidence.

Renovate your mind as if you were renovating your home- with fresh enthusiasm and a desire to make change, no one ever feels guilty about restoring a building-we rock up to Mitre10, or place makers as if it is the Saturday morning norm.. don’t feel guilty or shameful that you are doing something about your ultimate building-your body/temple…the place you live within yourself. A life coach is a Mind Mechanic, a mind renovator, a life architect…whatever language you want to use, there is no shame in reconstruction, only growth, change, success, and happiness, satisfaction,security and confidence.

Maree McManaway - Personal Development Coach

"Maree McManaway has shown a lifetime of the passion held towards helping others. Maree holds strong beliefs that a positive outcome is always achievable regardless of the situation. There are no barriers regarding age race or gender.

As a Personal Development Coach she believes the key to successful life is taking a holistic approach with individualism truth and respect for her clients, using tools and techniques excelling them forward to achieve unseen growth."


  • Gold Certification Life Coach
  • NZQA Diversional Therapist
  • Lifeline Counselling
  • Rape Crisis Training
  • Rail Accident Support
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Wife of 35 years and mother of 2
  • CEO and founder of LYF4U
  • 10 Years experience
  • A now published author
    The Power of Transformation-Reinventing Your Life - read more
    The Mind Mechanic (Getting the Green Lights on Life) - read more
  • Te Wanga O Aotearoa-various qualifications completed
  • Activate Business Course Successfully Completed
  • Toastmasters International- Completed Competent Communicator Manual
  • Hypnosis New Zealand- Certificate in Hypnotherapy

And where ever you are right now- that is your place to start.

Client Success

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