Client Success

You choose, your life as usual, or a better life for you.

The Full Life Circle Program

"I now have better balance for my life for myself, my marriage and my career!"

I was going through a busy hectic ,could be called chaotic time, personally, professionally and emotionally, I felt I was losing my grip, and was allowing the negative back into my life.

Through your sessions (and yes a couple of them were a tad uncomfortable, never easy to face your demons), you helped me learn to accept who I was as a person and once you assisted me on establishing the values that I was happy to live by, I was able to identify what I will and will not accept, and only allow those to speak into my life who had my interest at heart and not allow every word, person or action to affect me, you would get me through the wilderness.. I was able to trust you and know that path for me moving forward, you would guide me through and I could set a better life for myself, my marriage and my career, which now because of my new found self and having the confidence to know what to ask for, I have just had a promotion into a much better role.

Maree you were very patient and listened to it all, and I thank you, I recommended any career woman who is trying to find their work home life balance to call you.(Laura)

Personal Development Level 1 Program

"My confidence and trust in myself was regained - I feel motivated again, and the Make Over was Amazing!"

Thank you Maree- My confidence is back, I feel powerful and motivated again..and I can honestly say I love myself now.. my outlook is positive and now so are my actions. Its amazing to see just how rewarding the coaching techniques have been.. I have taken them on board and im much happier. Looking back I realized just how stressed I was!. I see friends and family not coping due to their old habits and mind patterns and now I say go get help...and the Makeover was so good for me!! - how you took me wardrobe shopping, the photos your took, and ideas on how to dress more confidently with my shape really had me feel all because now after all you did I know it truly does work. (Sue)

This client completed Personal Development – Level 1, We now meet annually for a 1 hour session to set her Goal Plan for her year to come; Know as the “LOF” Life of Fitness session.

In June 2011, I had hit rock bottom feeling alone, friendless and worthless, I was struggling to see a future life with me in it, but I knew I had to do something. So I contacted Maree Mcmanaway Lyf4u Life Coaching. In Nov 2011 Maree did a house call. I was living in the cheapest rental in town struggling to make ends meet running from three different jobs. It took me 6 sessions and about 3 months of coaching with her to get my head sorted and able to see a life for me. My goals were to have rural home and to get a regular hourly wage I just wanted a roof over my head giving my children a place to call home and to be able to pay for the life’s necessities.

Each year since then Maree has checked in with me; sending me my LOF reminder an dprior years promise in the mail..She also sends me a weekly motivation/monthly newsletter and Im on her FB page which has loads of motivation.

My goals have gotten bigger and every year sees more dreams being realised. Some of my dreams and goals steadily increased with each year • Living rural was what I wanted for me and my children, giving them a simpler more grounded way of life. This started with a move to a rural rental in April 2012 and then a huge step to owning 2 ½ acres in April 2013 every month I can pay that mortgage I feel blessed. • My interest in hunting was sparked by my work with DOC and a desire to understand the needs of all those who use the hills around the place I call home now. Maree calls me the “Eco Warrior”

Getting my gun license was such a thrill, shooting my first deer was a sense of achievement, owning my own gun and now being able to feed my family with my own labour, is huge in my world. • Health and fitness was big for me as I had some huge battles with them myself I started with Pilates in February 2012 and began teaching in April 2014, I completed my 200 hrs as a Pure instructor in March 2017. Now I am building my own studio space at home to teach my own blend of Pilates and Yoga. • Work was running from 3 part-time positions on minimum wage hit with secondary tax, in September 2012 I got a regular job working 25 hrs a week on $16 per hour, now I work 30-40hrs earning around double what I did.I smile now when I remember setting this increase with Maree.

My work is challenging and rewarding, but still allows me to continue living the lifestyle I strove to set up for myself and my children My goals have seen me achieve some huge things • Tongario crossing • Pilates instructor training • Over Sew Modelling • 4WD driving events • Walking a full marathon • Long range shooting competitions

I will continue to have my LOF with Maree, each year. It has kept me on track of my goals and dreams. I have gone further than I could have imagined in only 6 years. I would recommend anyone uses LYF 4U too. (Linda)

Change your Mind

Personal Development Level 1 and Letting Go Program

"I wouldn't be here if I hadn't had coaching."

I was in such a dark space.. Maree was a last hope kinda.. im sounding dramatic but I was miserable. All the past years of suffering had taken me down so low. with Maree patient help my life has done a attitude towards everything in my life is so different it seems surreal now look forward to each day and what it brings I know im creating. I cant emphasize enough but I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for this experience, and the things I have learnt impacted me and the decisions I make for the rest of my happy life.(John)

Change your Mind

Teens Training for Success Program

"I am so pleased mum and dad paid for this."

Im so pleased mum and dad organized fro me to come and see you and paid for this coaching. I was getting in so much trouble. Mum thought I was out of control, and I guess I was.. I felt like I couldn't talk to anybody properly without getting hassled about it. I was quite nervous but Maree was really nice, and easy to talk to and we would laugh a lot which helped heaps. Its so random now caz I can't believe I was so unhappy and doing what I was doing. I'm like never going back down that road actually all calm now, and not lashing out doing things that weren't really helping. I even get on well with my parents!! ive got goals on what I want to do and I can talk to Maree anytime.. sweet.. (Katie)

Personal Development Level 2 Program

"I just keep getting better!"

I had first seen Maree about 1 year ago now-Found her in an article in a local paper.. I was so lost for direction, and down on myself. I felt like a failure, and I was embarrassed as well.i figured I would give it a go- I had nothing to lose now...the 1st course I did really lifted me up. By the end of it I had a 1 year goal plan, and felt like I knew what I was doing for the first time in so long. As a man, my ego was over riding my thinking. I was over analyzing everything and doing myself most of the harm. I say this now.. that I have the tools to manage it.i had come back in for Maree famous "LOF” the next set of goals were due for renewal. When my reminder letter and I year promise arrived I knew I wanted to go up to the next level. And up I have gone! The PD 2 course really taps into my language, triggers, behaviours, and conscious and subconscious self habits that mould my future. Maree I can't thank you enough.(Micheal)

Change your Mind

Life After Program

"What a mess I was in after the death of my wife."

I suppose they key word there is was.. I was dinking quite heavily, behaving badly, doing everything I could to numb the pain of losing my wife so suddenly . half of my world was gone. My kids were worried and got hold of Maree to try and save me.. what a joke I thought. I don't go to head shrinks- sorry Maree- but that was what I thought. Long story short you turned me right around. I know you would say it wasn't you it was me..but I was a mess, and I really don't believe I would have found my way through my grief and rebuilt my life without my wife, if it hadn't been for your coaching.(Steven)

Marianne's story

Up until the last 3 years I would have told you that there were no good single men left in the whenever i did meet a man all i seemed to focus on was his faults. I didn't realize that all the flaws i saw in him were really distorted versions of my own flaws, that deep down i feared existed in me! After Marees help I shifted my beliefs and perceptions about myself and my own desirability- that i dont need to see me as a sexual object on show, or be seen as one. Now i see i am a beautiful loving person who can receive as well as give true love and intimacy. i appreciate men of all ages.. and they me.. i would have never thought it possible to be in a truly loving relationship again- and yet i am! so if i can so can you! (Marianne)

Life After and Letting Go Program

"Divorce sucked, but my life doesn't now."

I hated the fact that I was a statistic.. a failed marriage. I had already been engaged before. What the hell's wrong with me I kept thinking. The battle with the kids. The lawyers. The loneliness. The what now was intense. I actually saw Maree 1st on Face Book..and followed her regular post. Her humour even in hard times made her approachable.. I had the 1st trial session and knew right then it was for me..i had no idea how much I would learn about myself, how my past had a lot to do with my now. She showed me how to own myself, my part in all this. But being shown how to not let it ruin my life was such a relief. The "letting Go" thing was Im looking for a completely new partner to share my future with. I had chosen badly all along..yeah divorce did suck but my life doesn't now...(Ron)

Change your Mind

Skype Coaching - Personal Development Level 1 and Letting Go Program

"I will never forget the impact this has made on my life!"

Although we have never met face to face Maree you have connected with me on such a deep level, it was as if we were in the same room. I had wondered how skype would work being overseas and all. The "letting Go” session was like all this pressure and heaviness had been removed . I will never forget the impact Life Coaching has made on my life. I feel free, and proud now. My confidence has sky rocketed. I changed my whole wardrobe and style. Im the authentic me at last. Cant wait to see you on Skype again!! And thank you for the weekly Motivation and Monthly newsletter- they do make a difference..(Sylvia)

Resolving self limiting beliefs

I gained the full impact of her knowledge along with a true practical learning experience. I’ve regained self confidence, I pushed through the barriers that held me from stepping into new opportunities. With each success I feel empowered to create more of what I want. I am excited by the belief that in time every aspect will all click together for me

Change your Mind

I feel like a new person in mind, body and soul.

What did you gain from your life coaching?
In the 7 weeks I have dedicated myself to the life coaching course with Maree I have learnt so much about myself in terms of my beliefs both positive and limiting, excuses holding me back, what direction I want my life to move and goals I want to achieve. It has provided a platform for me to strive towards my passion of becoming a life coach personal trainer as it has enhanced my life through the wealth of knowledge Maree offers through her service and now has given me the opportunity with great clarity and faith in myself to put what I have learnt into action while trusting in the process.
I have gained so much more than I expected since these skills can be applied in many areas of life including relationships, financial/business and general well-being to name a few. In myself I have let go of some painful experiences in my past and Maree was very understanding and supportive in showing me how to let go of the past and move forward in life carrying no baggage.

How has this changed your life?
I feel like a new person in mind, body and soul. It has changed me in such a profound way that I feel a new sense of confidence in the way I carry myself, in the way I interact and in the way I adopt change so freely in my life. I laugh at fear now because I realise it was a prison mindset I created to feel safe that held me back from expanding and moving forward in life (uncertainty). At work, social, gym, family etc have all noticed a tremendous change in the way I speak, view life and interact as I feel I have the tools to help people in many ways now including helping others realise their health and fitness becoming a reality for them.

Were you comfortable in the environment?
I consulted with Maree via Skype, it was always on time and she has such a warm bubbly voice that quickly dissolves any uncertainty or discomfort you may preconceive. Maree’s service is not stressful and you don’t feel judged for being you. The environment she provides is for you to flourish and become the ULTIMATE YOU.

"I feel far more postive about life"

Recently I had the pleasure of attending Maree's Lyf4u course. Initially I was doubtful whether I would obtain any benefit from Maree's sessions, however I quickly began to enjoy my time with her and began to notice a difference in myself as I applied the principles she showed me. I feel far more positive about life and my overall future and I feel that this is in no small part due to Maree's help and guidance. I would thoroughly recommend Lyf4u and Maree to anyone. The principles that you learn are useful in everyday life and help deal with stress, anxiety and all life's trials. They allow you to see yourself in a new light and armour you for whatever life may throw at you!

"Helped me achieve some amazing changes"

I am delighted to say that I have been using her services for some time now. I have found her to be a genuine and caring, a trustworthy person with a vibrant personally. Her great ability to stay focused is both motivating and encouraging. Her enthusiasm is infections! She is a fantastic life coach and has helped me achieve some amazing changes in my own life. I have never felt down while using her services and trust her explicitly. Maree often goes the extra mile in her business. I am ofter at the receiving end of receiving encouraging emails, texts and phone calls (these are outside of our scheduled time together). I will continue to use Maree as my personal life coach as the need arises and have no hesitation in recommending her to any future clients or business that may wish to use her service.

"Knowing how to love who I am"

From my experience of lifecoaching with LYF4U I gained so much more interest in succeeding within my goals, learning about my abilities and knowing how to love who I am. Lifecoaching has improved my life in so many ways. I learnt how to relax in stressful times and find positives out of everyday situations. I found this experience very enjoyable and helpful. I always walked out feeling great about myself and in a very happy mood always looking forward to my next visit.

"In hindsight, one thing I could have done better was to have sought an appointment with Maree first!"

My experience of trauma dramatically changed my perspective of the world. It took my confidence and self-esteem, replacing it with fear, anxiety and eventually isolation. A different personality grew, causing me to question my sense of worth and what I was all about. They say “It’s OK to ask for help”. So I asked the police, the doctor, the counsellor, the psychologist(s), my employer, the union, my insurance company (income protection), lawyers, addiction services and the corporation dealing with accidents. Meanwhile, I lost friends, strained family ties, avoided relationships, moved out of the area, lost my savings, left my employment and ended up with no car. The long delays, lack of action, limited access to specialised support and continually having to recall my situation, kept me confined to dark places.

Work and Income became my main source for survival. A most helpful case manager provided the necessary action to move forward and was prepared to provide financial assistant for some one on ones with life coach Maree McManaway. In six sessions, I achieved more mental and emotional healing than in the previous 6 years. A time when “all the kings’ men and all the kings’ horses couldn’t put Humpty back together again”. I cannot thank LYF4U enough for being such a catalyst to positive change. Apart from a few tears, it’s been fun, inspiring and crucial in restoring the mojo.

Maree’s inspiring and motivational expertise is conveyed through her engaging personality and awesome conversational manner. She is real, down to earth and speaks as she sees it. Maree is a very genuine and caring person who goes the extra mile, providing additional resources, links, contacts, regular emails and motivational newsletters. The range of skills and knowledge she brings to the table, will ensure you leave with tools to create a brighter future, regardless of who you are or your situation. It’s the best investment you could make to be that better person you dream of. It has been an enjoyable process and nice to look back on the improvements made. If you feel the need to chat to someone, I would highly recommend taking some time to chat with Maree. You will struggle to find a more meaningful, helpful, convenient and worthwhile service in such a timely manner.

In hindsight, one thing I could have done better was to have sought an appointment with Maree first!

For f@#ks sake, life’s too short to sitting round feeling miserable, underachieving, worthless or whatever.

I believe the challenges I have had to face and the contact I have had with the ‘Help’ services mean I can make this fair and accurate judgement on those who have had the greatest and most permanent impact.

Thanks W&I, Thank you Maree!

Attitude adjuster CD

I love the CD maree- your voice is clear, it like we are having conversations ..i like the music too, I have been listening to every night..(Rebecca)

I use the CD in my car mostly when im driving to work - its like a prep talk from someone who knows her stuff.(-Phil).

Motivation Maker

This CD lifts me up every time – it gets me thinking in a much lighter mind- thank you so much..(Rachelle)

It really does make a difference - I think its because its soothing but has practical suggestions to help right away.. (Michael)


I really enjoyed reading all the different stories from so many different professionals.. I think a good book should do that..(Joe)

I pleased I got this book.. I like that I can read a chapter and put it down again..its a good coffee table book..( Louise)


I always used to think wouldn’t life be so much easier if everything were laid out in some sort of manual? Imagine if you had a guide to think about the next step, you just knew what to do next to achieve greater success or any goal you had set.the tools and techniques to use are simple but so effective. I try and follow it as much as I can, I want to come see you now for real too! ..(Brenda)

This book is where there are specific steps to follow, specific resources you need , it’s my go to book…I have recommended it to my colleagues refer to it all the time…(Greg)

I've bought several copies of The Mind Mechanic – love the name BTW-ive given it to all my girlfriends, we girls are always needing something to guide us - Cheers love it! ..(Pamela)