Legal Disclaimer

Personal Development Coaching, Mind Power Training or Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for any medical, psychological or psychiatric care, advice, or treatment. If you have a medical, psychological or psychiatric illness or condition, you should consult a medical, psychological or psychiatric professional as your 1st step. The above are, coaching guidance and suggestion only and should not be used to replace any other diagnosis, or cure of any disease or any other medical, psychological or psychiatric illness or condition;

Where any weight management programme is referred to: Weight loss takes time and effort to be successful. People should seek professional advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. Individual results may vary.

As per the Hypnosis New Zealand Codes of Ethics, there are no guarantees expressed or implied as to the outcome of any Hypnotherapy/ Personal Development Coaching /Mind Power Training.

Neither Hypnosis New Zealand/ The International Coaching Federation, nor Maree McManaway is responsible or liable in any way for the choices, actions, inactions, errors, or omissions of any client , or other related party, in any way.