Life Coach Maree McManaway's Attitude Adjuster Motivational Audio CD

Attitude Adjuster- is specifically designed to sooth your path of resistance. For the days when you are feeling down and out, low, needing something to lift your mood, and in doing so your thinking and physical self. Works well in quietness to listen and re affirm just how incredible you are.
$20.00 plus PP

Life Coach Maree McManaway's Motivation Maker Motivational Audio CD

Motivation Maker- Is designed for the person on the go- who may be lacking the drive to keep moving forward, to help you get out there and get moving again! Its ideal as a morning pick up while driving to work!
$20.00 plus PP

Mind Fit FarmerMind Fit Farmer
Smiling through the storms of life

I have been a farmer. I get it. It’s bloody busy and “often” hard going.

My husband Mark and myself, along with our two sons Casey and Regan, spent 22 years dairy farming on the family farm.

I have been there with those dirty gumboots, and all that comes with it.

I have observed with sadness there are too many deaths within New Zealand, within our rural farming community.

I am a 'live through my heart and head' person, so it seemed only right to reach through words and help by writing this book for you ,in the hope that in some small way a tip or technique you take from it may help you.

I just want to help.

$25.00 plus postage.

Mind MechanicThe Mind Mechanic Manual
getting the green light on life

$25.00 plus postage.

You are not alone in your quest. It is natural for you to be skeptical. Your past wounds, deep set beliefs and past experiences are trained to think in this way... an admission that on a deep level you know you are capable of more, that your ability to find it is hindered and that you are now taking the action steps to make change.

The mere fact that you are reading these words tells me that you are nothing if not curious or interested in developing yourself and life in some way and are taking responsibility for what you want. You want more than what is present in your life right now.

  • You Can Do This. There is no limit to the amount of satisfaction I get from coaching people just like you. To have the opportunity to reach out to you through word is not something to take lightly, I know it’s not easy to ask for help... in fact it take courage as well as intelligence to know you want more than this from your life.
  • I want to help you unleash your unlimited potential.
  • To allow you to let go of the shackles of your past so that you may strive forward without the burdens of guilt, remorse, or grief.
  • To learn lifelong tools and techniques that creates a sense of ownership of your life, of self with pride, and confidence.
  • To feel again Motivated and Inspirited, with fresh thinking that allows you to have answers, to the who and why of you.
  • To learn ways of finding your what, how and by when as your future journey continues so as not to create a temporary fix but a permanent change.
  • To organize the chaos inside your mind, by taking back the control of your subconscious. What would it be like for you to define the true you, and to also master the basic life fundamentals that build lasting changes in your life!
  • You will have clear direction and own your life goals for the year ahead.
  • You will be given tools and techniques to move you forward, with the answers in new found confidence.
  • You will have ways to solve and resolve everyday road blocks that we all experience but few manage. What would that be like for you?
  • Without the negation that once sabotaged your attempts and with newfound power you are able to utilize and self manage the where, what why and how and achieve to your authentic and true potential.
  • This is what I believe the application of the mind training within this Mind Manual can do for you...
  • I do not claim to be the greatest coach in the world. And may I never stop learning in myself. I am however driven.. Driven by a passion and strong belief that my methods , skills and training has achieved so much for so many.

The POWER of TransformationThe Power of Transformation -
Reinventing Your Life

After going through a process of illumination, 22  professionally qualified and highly skilled woman, from 22 different countries globally, were chosen to represent, and author this book. I am the chosen representative for New Zealand.

The section I have specialized in is  the "Letting Go" section. My Chapter being titled-Good Bye Past, Hello Future. It was an honor and pleasure to be part of this book…and to have another way of helping you.

I do hope it is of great benefit to you and your life’s journey of discovery and direction.

$25.00 plus postage.