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10 Simple Tips on how to manage SADs 4U

Happiness is not a state to arrive at but a manner of traveling ( Samuel Johnson- 1709-1784)

Are you having a rough winter minded time?

Or feeling a little lonely or glum over your winter months?

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), is a common winter aliment. So to help with that, although we have all thought it at some time...Some days you don’t want to be an adult.

Some days you just wish you could stay under the covers and tell life to bugger off.

Life is kind oflike a slice of bread, No matter how thinly you slice it there are always 2 sides ..

No, we may not always want Monday to come- but it’s the only way to get back to Friday, right?

Below are a few simple suggestions;

Perhaps even 1 may be useful to lift your spirits up.

1. Treat or pamper yourself...From a hot foot spa at home, or a massage of some kind , its a nice way to connect with others and feeling good.

2. Buy yourself flowers or something for your home. Create agarden, or if space won’t allow, plant out pots...daffodils or herbs do well indoors this time of year.

3. Surround yourself with colours, textures, and scents, candles, rugs, lighting that please's you.

4. Look into your own eyes,and remind yourself you are doing bloody alright.

5. Take yourself out on a date somewhere special. Go to a cafe and mingle. The banter will be great, There are also many midwinter festivities to go to..

6. Take yourself out for a walk to a park. Find a beautiful spot and lay out a blanket (water resistant based) and have a picnic...or at night check out the stars you are under. Im a great bird watcher and feeder in the winter..

7. Go out to a movie, comedies are best- or rearrange your furniture with music playing.

8. Help out at a soup kitchen or volunteer your time at a homeless shelter, donate blood or pay it forward. Pick up trash at the beach or your local park.

9. Donate clothes, or belongings, and books you don’tuse anymore. Get rid of clutter.(perhaps after the furniture rearranging) If it doesn’t bring you joy, give it away!

10. Get out some coloured pencils, paint, wood or clay and see what comes- you may have a talent yet to be discovered?...have music in the background to inspire your creativity..or

Try furniture restoration, sewing, learning a musical instrument, sports, take up photography or yoga, anything that resonates with your joy ,can be self-gratifying.

Whatever way you choose, brighten yourself, your day and your world.. to bring your your idea of happiness, remember to find ways or things to smile at, it's good for your health...and spring is coming!

With you all the way.

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