• Maree Mcmanaway

How a small decision can turn your life around.

Ralph Waldo Emerson quoted; "For every minute you are angry or unhappy you have

wasted 60 seconds of happiness."

It got me to thinking of all the times we have brewed, anguished, stressed or suffered. What were the cause of these pains, feelings and emotions? And why did we waste so much time indulging in them. I'm of no doubt that it was not enjoyable to you. That you would rather not be feeling the pain be it physical, or emotional. You may have tried to resist it, ignore it, or prevent it– but yet it cam in anyway like an unwanted rodent, or darkened shadow that carried no light, sharp and edgy with harsh and hurtful deafening yet silent symptoms'. How do you scream in silence when you

cant find the words or ways to vent out. I will tell you how;

  • Just stop

  • Take a breathe

  • And recognize what it is that is the cause.

Determine if it is physical, or emotional. At times it can feel alike both. An example would be a long aching tooth. There it is constantly nagging grinding at you, hurting. Maybe not enough to find the time to see your dentist, but enough to make you tired, stressed, unhappy. Enough that

you resist it, mask it with pain medicine or eating differently so as not to increase pain. Enough that you are grumpy at others, not quite as well as normal and struggling through your days/weeks/months – until you reach the point of pain where you stop and take a breathe and say no more! I want this paint to stop– I'm tired of living this way, I'm not truly happy, surely life can

be better easier than this. Surely i can be happier than this, even though there may be a fear almost as great as the pain itself, you recognize your are not living in quality and so you

Recognize your cause of the stresses. In recognizing the cause, it drives you to take action. As soon as you have taken action, you notice or observe within yourself a small sense of relief– even though the pain is still fully present, the relief is in the knowing that things are about to change – that a process can begin– and through the process so too the pain can be lessened or even ended. Some of our pain is physical... Some may be due to a genetic condition, pregnancy, post

surgery, injury or illness. There are many causes. Your diet also plays a large role in your bodies pain and wellness. No matter the cause, taking the step to make a change is the only way to reduce it's existence in your life. Lets try not to waste another 60 seconds, take the step forward and get that tooth fixed.



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