• Maree Mcmanaway

How do you feed your mind?

Hello and a warm winters welcome to you, from a crisp crystal clear morning in the wonderful Wairarapa


Your mind will always believe everything you tell it.

Feed it Hope

Feed it Love

Feed it Truth

Well done for choosing to get out of bed!

You always have choices; you make them constantly, even choosing to get out of bed, (even when we at times don;t want to)

We choose, from clothes to wear, to what to eat for dinner...just like a wheel rolling through life, over and over again

We are habitual beings, and being creatures of habit it's easy to view oneself as stuck-stuck in a “ same shit, different day “mentality.

Yet your everyday, same day is completely normal, even if it is kind of dull. And it gives comfort, security, and purpose. It only takes illness, or an unexpected, catastrophic change to have you yearning for that old normal to remind you just how that "ordinary" wheel of life is just fine.

Yet, as we age, so do our lives and the mindful management of coping. It may appear as though your old systems seem to begin to fail you .You may be "flat- tired-non purposeful".

While this may appear as an uneasy confusing state of mind, take comfort as it is also an extraordinary opportunity for new ways to arise.

Listen to it.

Respond to it

It is life’s way of paving the new, the truth, or perhaps new love, and great inspired hope to your wheel for the emergence of your new ordinary.

When those moments come, and they do, choose to open and learn new mindful tools to release your old limiting views of who you were. And open to the change…by clarifying who and how you are choosing to reinvent your life wheel.

That is where your extraordinary emerges from. That new joy, excitement and fresh purpose.

With the daylight hours lengthening spring is the ideal time to reinvigorate yourself.

Perhaps is as easy as starting with a line down the centre of a piece of paper; asking yourself;

What you do- and what you dont want ...

Start rolling with life and its changes by choosing to take control.. and start saying with hope, love and truth - its the "same shit but a whole new day"

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