• Maree Mcmanaway

How to activate energy in the winter.

In the winter its so easy to get into that hohum feeling.

So how to get energised is so important in how you manage your winter days.

The best wat to get your happiness sparking and tickling up your blood flow is; drum roll please....Endorphin!

Yes this wonder chemical, helps to overcome stress, and pain, to recover from injuries, and at the same time improve your immunity. Talk about a win, win, win,win.

It's that feeling of euphoria that you feel when you have taken yourself to that place of blood pumping, sweat making, actions, and being able to go the distance..

Some refer to it as the exercise high.

Can you get it in other ways aside from exercise?


Loud laughter, where your belly is pumping, and you are "clown mouthing" in happiness. Humour is hugely important.

So the sooner you get your giggle on. Laugh at yourself. Pull a prank. Skid your socks over the lino. Watch something funny. Listen to Dad jokes the better you are. :)

Basically lighten the heck up the better you will feel. The lighter you feel, the more inspired you become. With inspiration ,you will find your energy kicking in and before you can say hey presto it's lets go for a walk, or lets do this or that.

If you are lacking endorphin/enthusiasm/energy:

Get up. Move. Get that blood pumping throughout your amazing body.

Go do something...and the endorphin will kick in and respond.Its that easy.

How about setting yourself a simple goal.

Do something active every will feel the difference.

And of course, you are teaching the little critters in your life by your actions too.

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