• Maree Mcmanaway

Light up your life and those around you by...

With almost 1 month since the longest day. Have you noticed the evenings beginning to show more light... wonderful! That leads me onto my "message' for you.... Have you ever tried to change someone? And become even more frustrated, because that someone did not, would not change? Stop. Anyone will dig in their heels when pushed into anything, beit from a loving perspective or hostile grudge... The most loving gift you can give is to not view another as broken or needing to change. Anymore that you would want to be seen in that way. Who wants to be seen as faulty rather than a complete person.? When you look at another in terms of lack you seek the lack, not the person.

So, reset your thoughts/views/behaviours;

Treat people as if they are what they could be, and they will become what they are capable of becoming ( Johann wolfgan van Goether) ....

Let them see their light from within their winter darkness. Focus on the good or great in that person, and really mean it! You are a magnificent human!

Be better at being you and then lead others that way.

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