• Maree Mcmanaway

Suggestions for Effective Communications

“Communication works for those who work at it.” – John Powell

I’ve heard it said and many times, what is said cannot be unsaid. So below are just a few easy suggestions to support that.

Choose your listener wisely- a stressed receiver is highly unlikely to be receptive to anyone at that moment.

Share your words wisely-as mentioned above.

As one of the most famous essay writers, Hemingway understood the role of listening to the other person in the conversation for better communication.

Each of us has different perspectives and ideas. Those differences are what make it possible for teamwork to solve the greatest problems. Unfortunately, we’re often so wrapped up in our own ideas that we don’t truly listen to what others have to say unless it supports our stance.

Speak as if the other person involved could hear it...respect is a beautiful thing

Remain silent, and or state you do not want to participate in the discussion if you are not in agreement, or recognize it as pure toxicity.

Seek the facts- do they know this to be completely true? often the topic is a fraction of truth at best.

No matter how thinly you slice bread - there are always two sides to it- people are no different.

Protect yourself and excuse yourself and disassociate - I like the quiet elegance of this one- say something like "oh is that the time, I have an appointment."

Remember that those who are prone to gossip of another - are prone to also gossip of you- is that the type of person you seek in your life?

Speak of another as you wish to be spoken of yourself.

Say something kind!

Practice the skill of living/speaking in kindness

Try it for 24 hours -communicate without negativity - to recognize what level you are currently on...that is your starting point.

Kindly remember Opinions are like Nipples , while yes ,we all have them - it does not mean they all serve a supposed purpose, that we need to latch on to. So when you hear something you don't want to- simply say to yourself - well that is a fine set of "Nipples' ' -and i aint latching- yes that's right - I added some humor at the end... :)

Effective communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know.” – Jim Rohn

Lastly, be open and willing enough to simply say sorry.. or my error- or I was wrong just then.. or whoops... oftentimes in the end that's all that was needed.

Let's be decent human beings out there..

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