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We have been there. We have the dirty gumboots.

We 50/50 share milked on a family farm for 22 years.

After observing many suicides within the rural community ,and  a career change , over 12 years ago; I felt compelled to author Mind Fit Farmer, for those in our rural community.

We left farming in 2004,.

I went on to become  personal development coach, many clients being part of  the rural sector.

This mind manual is to supportyou; To offer  suggestions and share  helpful tools and techniques that may be of guidance to not only you but your partner and family too.

I recommend ages 15years onwards suitable for this read.
This book is not to tell you what you do is right or wrong. It is here to encourage and support you. 

There is help, and perhaps this book is your 1st step to that.

Note Mind Fit Farmer is also avalaible as an E book.


Mind Fit Farmer