• Maree Mcmanaway

Are you an instigator or liberator?

Have you ever noticed that some people around you are always in the midst of a fall out, battle or argument with someone or some thing? Seemingly believing that they are not the cause nor the instagator of said experience in some form; oblivious to their actions and choices. Heres the thing- you dont have to attend every inviation to an argument, battle or fall out . When you choose not to attend; you are removed from all the stress, energy and suffering, in fact you are liberated into a place of peace, clarity, and understanding to a point where whatever it was that was ignited,provides, an answer rather than a battle feild of emotional, egoic, tug of war. Now thats not to say you are not able to hold to that which you value, its to say be wise enough to notice that beliefs are simply a personal perception , a self made idea of what is true from your point of veiw. Be open minded and wise enough enough to liberate yourself into what else could this mean. Jack Canfield quoted; SW-SW-SW-SW Some will Some wont, and So what Someone else is waiting His take on life...on keeping it simple, open , un attached, free...and to move on if you are not. Now thats living life liberated!

Practise often, learn to lighten up, pick your battles, find peaceful solutions, and be free to choose the best way forward, For good mind, body, emotional, and soulful living.

A wise man once said; be aware, take nothing too seriously,learn to laugh at everything, most crucially yourself. For if you can do that you will have a source of entertainment forever.

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