• Maree Mcmanaway

How to get what you want?


Have you ever watch a toddler who while standing in the supermarket decides he/she wants a lollie from the perfectly placed sweets section?

Then you will understand fully the power in persistence they have.

Take a moment to fully observe next time you are qued.

He/she will ask "innocently"- 1stly testing the reaction or minders mental state.

Minder- no.

Toddler- Pleaeeeeeese"- 2nd attempt ,using manners may work.

Minder -no

Toddler- But I,ve been good like you asked me to? - 3rd attempt, emotional bribery.

Minder- no

Toddler, What if I clean my room? 4th attempt- Bargaining.

Minder no

Toddler - Proceeds to throw a tantrum, the 5th attempt of embarrassing the minder....(not the best technique as an adult) so I dont recommend lol

Yet you can agree, that this darling little free spirited being has just used 5 separate tactics in order to get what is wanted.!

How often do we as adults ask once, and with the 1st rejection, walk away defeated, kicking the dust with gusto, or using self berations of not being good enough, and just give up.

Think like a toddler!

Do not give up , not on your 1st attempt. You will be amazed at the changes and success you can make in your life by giving yourself the determination to attempt the same thing , simply in other ways again.

Have fun with it...

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