• Maree Mcmanaway

Kissing the frogs to get to your prince


Not to know certain things is a great part of wisdom (Hugo Grotus)

I love learning; it expands and broadens life into newer thoughts and different paths. I also enjoy how and who my teachers are. Recently Mr G (grandson of 7 next birthday) stated "Nanny, did you know that frogs can't swallow without closing their eyes"? How proud he was to have been able to share and teach me something.

Life is full of learning and changes.

Detours happen to everyone, one moment you are headed in one direction, and the very next WHAM that direction has been either altered or taken.

It can come as quite a shock, or a slow burning transition.

Accept and allow the process.

What happened to that life road you were travelling?? It simply ended.

Everything ends and begins.

Once reality has set it, you will find that there is little you can do but stop. Stop for a while and take the time to reconfigure things. Think about new decisions that are now pressing on you.

Changes happen to everyone, and you cannot control all the changes, yet you can choose how you will be the responder of it all. You can choose to take from the experience what you can learn?.

By stopping and allowing your initial emotions to settle you can become open to creative solutions.

You could begin by thanking that time you had, list and celebrate what was. It may have helped you to become who you are today..

What have you learnt that can come with you still?

New beginnings happen to everyone.

No matter how hard you think the changes are, there will be more opportunities and challenges.

No matter how hard these detours may seem, life will change again, and again....and it's very possible that the detours or lessons of life,will lead you to a place of deeper happiness, more satisfying moments, that you have ever known before.

Be not afraid of change- just try not to kiss too many frogs before you find your "prince" or is that "principles of your life to live by.

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