• Maree Mcmanaway

Make your connections magic.

I appreciate your time and being here, Thank you.

Howard Thornton, a famous magician who was recognized as the Dean of Magicians, spent forty years travelling all over the world, sharing tricks and illusions to entertain and astonish his audiences. Through his ability to hold his audience;s attention and excitement he entertained millions of people. Over his many years he earnt $2 million in profit! When asked the secret to his success, he replied, "It certainly wasn't schooling" as he struggled to do well in school. Yet he had 2 things that others didnt. First he was a master showman, he knew how to work his audience, how to appreciate and encourage and entice their responses. 2ndly he also had a key interest in people. His quote; "I am grateful because these people come to see me. They make it possible for me to make my living in a very agreeable way. I'm going to give them the very best I possibly can."

Whoever you meet in your day/life or career, from Magician, to Janitor, to Manager, that person is in your life. Be sure to take an interest in them, their story, their day, their lives, and be thankful for the connection. It's not what you do that interests others , it's that you take an interest in what others do, a genuine connective interest.

Remember that the monetary value of something or someone isn't always an indicator of quality, it's the genuine connections that hold the value. Make your own magic! Enjoy your wealth of magical connections

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