• Maree Mcmanaway

Suggestions to Ease Emotions

Updated: May 19, 2020

Covid19 has thrown us all out of kilter, and you are currently in a most unusual state of mind. Its a direct result of this stressful and difficult situation. Its temporary. Whatever your are feeling feel it! Your emotions are natural, the high/lows and the in between are felt as uniquely as your very being.

No two people react the same. So to help you to put things into perspective for you;below are a few suggestions to try.

Here are a few questions I'm getting answered broadly; 1, Is it OK to have a wine/gin at 5 pm without feeling guilty? Sure if that be what you want. :) And if you really want it don't waste it feeling guilty- enjoy! 2. I hate reading all the positive crap! Don't read it- As the age old rule states- if you have nothing nice to say don't say/share it. I might also add what would this journey we are all on be like if EVERYONE became cynically minded- i tell you what it would be like- it would be more shitty than it is now. 💩 maybe its better that you find ways to vent your emotions... 3. I'm so angry then crying, what do I do? I hear and feel you... This is hard..especially being cooped up with the kids, or being a people person in lock down, lonely, or in isolation. None of these concepts help you at all. Find a place- perhaps the shower..or and object like a pillow, and time to vent...and let it all out, let it go, express it all in full .. I suggest you do this daily...try to save it for that certain help give you better control, so your entire day is not stolen from you emotionally..If you have children, this is exacerbated..tensions are building; get active, dance sing, get them outdoors digging..movement gets that stagnant feeling flowing...Do whatever it takes to break the chain and boredom!

Remember we can resist this- Yet kindly know it will do nothing to ease your suffering, or those around you .Acceptance and adjusting , and adhering to the guideline is our only way forward. And vent out wisely for the love of your sanity... Our New Zealand wide protocol is simple; Follow all guidelines, be KIND and achieve a POSITIVE result...Notice the word positive.

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