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What consitutes a father?

Hi and welcome,

As always I appreciate your are here reading this, thank you.

As its Fathers Days this coming weekend, I thought I would delve into the notion of what constitues a "good dad"parent.

We all begin in the same way. You are a child born, made up of parts of this and that..

Starting with your Physiolgy;

Basically your genetics. Interestingly some genetics are "hard or non changable such as your bone structure, or height, colour of your skin.

While "soft' genetics can be changed, like the foods you eat or environment you live in, it can all impact your physical size and or health development. Quck note; Your body is full of trillions of cells working 24/7 to support you...and your soft gentics can be changed.

Then there is your History;

Your past experinces. Also worth noting if they were harmful, that you can find and use ways to "make peace' with your history. Great to know aye!

Your Psychology;

These are your thoughts you use in your mind.. Yes these 60,000.00 thoughts most have each day are reprogramable.

Your Philosphy;

Your beleifs and values about your world from your internal perspective, and from the out side world you live in. As mentioned also we can reprogram this pattern.

Your parents/events/experinces are a huge part of your mind/body/soul mouldings. What you take into your heart,head/and emotional quotient growing up is what forms how your function in your life now.

Yet the great key is as you mature and grow into adulthood, it is up to you to decide and choose that which is of use to you in your now world, and what is not.

Liberation is empowering.

Also know that perhaps if your parents did not do so well, (and in my profession I hear many that dont) you can still take that as a "what not to do" rather than a reason not to do" as you build and nuture your own families, and yourself.

Its also up to you to kindly recognize that no parent is perfect.

I know Im not...

Parenting is both the hardest and best thing most adults have the priviledge of doing.

So practice being be kind to yourself, and especially your family (should you have one) Put love 1st always.

Its dosent matter if you dont have the nicest house, or the flashest car, it matters that your children know they are loved..that you are present in their incredible vunerable minds.

That they grow up not hearing arguing, fights, or distructive homes...Children are sponges. Let them soak up love. No one was ever harmed from complimets, praise, time, being "present" (without a cell phone in your hand but rather a book or ball instead) attention.

Our grandson Mr G was asking - "Hey Nanny- whats your Nanny look like? Is she in the photo your showed me, of that nice old Pappy's darling" (Pappy is his grandfather who was in the same hospital dying at the same time as Mr G was being born.. Darling was his wife Nanny Fay whom I refer to as a darling lady...even in death we leave impressions in our childrens minds.

What will yours say about you... you can change any part of your story at any time...

So Dads thank you;

Thank you to all the great Dads, who play sports, or have a joke with their children, and partners .

The Dads who show being the man of the house is not being mean, but kind.

The Dads who say well done, or Im proud of you.

The Dads who teach their child to be appreciated for who they are..

So they feel sure in the qualities that represent there true personalities.

They Dads who may notbe the biological but the still significant father Dads...who love that child all the more completly because of it.


Thank you Dad..

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