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Justine Redfern-Olsen

When considering a Life Coach your first question might be something like which one? and what can they do for me?

Let me help.

Hello, I’m Justine Redfern Olsen, qualified life coach specialising in relationship coaching. My particular field of specialisation focusses on helping to guide and restore relationships that have lost their way for whatever reason. I will give you and your partner, and you both together, tools to restore, refresh and breathe life into your relationship.

My practice helps with better ways to communicate, connect and achieve new levels of intimacy. We can do this face to face or through online consultations. I assure confidentiality in all matters and I look forward to being able to help you take the first step to getting your relationship back on track.



Wendy Mouldey 

Hi. My name is Wendy Mouldey and I own and operate Fitness Plus Health Centre Ltd … a private and specifically established venue that is the perfect starting point for enabling, enhancing and optimizing Health and Wellness on many levels. I am also the creator of the “Be Your Own Health Hero”, “Rediscovering Your Innate Immunity” and “Primal Buttons” educational material

With over 36 years in the Health, Wellness and Fitness industry my Toolbox is vast, and varied, but as a Functional Health Systems (FHS) Medicine Practitioner, Lymphascial Practitioner, Advanced Health Coach (Kaizen Inst), Holistic Movement Coach (Kaizen Inst) and Certified Life Coach, I typically address environmental, emotional, movement (including rehabilitation), and of course health issues for my patients and clients 

With time and experience we have learned that a myriad of symptoms are always screams for help by the body (not including instances such as impact injuries of course). By finding the “Why” to your symptoms and through uncovering which of your systems is dysfunctional (or not operating optimally) from your story, we can slowly begin re-building health from the cellular level up, and gently re-balancing your health and well being 

Focusing on improving our health and optimizing our well-being at this time in history is more important than ever, but if you would like help with this, and are not sure where to start, then feel free to get in touch

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