• Maree Mcmanaway

10 Tips to Enjoy Your Christmas

With the momentum of Xmas building tensions also rise. What will i buy, how much will i spend, when do i have the time, etc etc...

Lets keep it perspective..and calm.

TIP 1.

Try evening shopping- without the children..they dont want to go shopping anymore than you want to lug them from shop to shop. Or simply use delivery services, to avoid you having to do all the extra work. And it keep babies, pets, safe from dehydration/stress being left in their car seats.

TIP 2.

Share the children- allocate a time that you and friend can mind each others children, and shop alone.

TIP 3.

Utilize great considerate places such as Mitre 10- who provide play ground facilities.

TIP 4.

Shop in perspective- a 2 year old is happiest when mum or dad is stress free. No point in spending money on something they will not be old enough to remember. keep gifts simple - a happy parent means more to them! Be present more -rather than give presents .

TIP 5.

Shop local- support our small towns and enjoy one on one service, the personal touch does wonders and also becomes a social event.

TIP 6.

Give back- remember there are many who will not have the privilege of Xmas- teach your children to donate a gift, or volunteer some time for others. This year we gave 10 care packages(that i made up) to Woman's Refuge, and George (our 4 yr old grandson) picked a gift to donate. You are the guide from which their beliefs and values are formed.

TIP 7.

Set some fun new traditions to lift your day- our home always receives a small prank gift each..Its good for a laugh.

TIP 8.

Breathe... its Xmas, a time to stop and love are here and now.. be grateful for all that you have.

TIP 9.

There may be someone who is alone at xmas- are you able to open your home to them..or encourage them to reach out and seek help.

Tip 10.

Remember those who are suffering due to loss, or perhaps its is you and your family- our family enjoy our ritual journey to our local cemetery taking flowers love and memories with us.. Let the Spirit of Christmas and loving connections be the memory that last.

Merry Christmas to you.

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