Acknowledging life long...

Remembering the child to be born

The children who passed in mis carriage or still birth

The children passed from illness or accident

The children raised by adoptive parents

The children raised by foster parent

The mothers who have passed and laid to rest

The children who are raised by another who represent parents

The aunties who parent

The grandmas who parent

The fathers who are mothers

The mothers of mothers from mothers before who were brave enough to love more than one

To the mothers in rest homes unable to be visited (as ours is)

The mothers who daughters grow up to lead our country

The mothers who’s daughters are in jail or lost in direction

The mothers who worry and tire- yet find strength to carry on

The mothers who say I love you to their children with kindness and praise

The mothers who laugh at themselves and show that little things like messy floors show your children it’s good to play -that toys don’t belong in boxes

The mothers and nanny’s who cherish that after bath wet hug in a towel on their knee come the end of a day oh so much - or those big grown child hugs with 4 simple words that exude what life is all about ..I love you mum

And so it is

And so it will always be

Thank you

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