• Maree Mcmanaway

Are you willing to change just one habit?

Maya Angelou Quotes; This is a wonderful day I have never seen before... Can you find the best in your life easily? Or is it difficult to list your best things? Stop and check in before you react; In order to “get more” from yourself or your life-ask what am I willing to give up,? Sometimes it can be the habit of seeing the worst or least in situations, or others.

It's not wrong to be happy- yet if you believe you aren't worthy of happiness, or that life is hard, a struggle, a place of force, then enjoying your happiness is almost impossible.

FACT: Your current belief can be operating out of alignment with your truth by as much as 55%! If you knew success was a certainty what would you do right now?

What do you need to do to increase your happiness even by 10%

Try n Be the kind of person who is good at being all about love instead. That dear you- will feed and nourish you. FACT; If you focus yourself on changing just 1 belief/behavior or habit. You have up to an 85% success rate! How good is that? Start today to train your brain to apply focused intentions of seeing the bigger better picture in all scenarios. It's not just about you, or how you feel that matters, your reactions affect us all. Learn how to speak better words, act in life reactions with kinder, mannerisms, caring habits, and patterns. As you practice at being a better you, your future self will show in better results beyond what you may have deemed possible.. Learn to find gratitude in the little things Enjoy the value of self silence Share in such a way that genuine communication enhances true connections. You are a masterful being. Use all of yourself. With a smile, always a smile. Make the magic happen Monday and beyond! I beleive in you..x

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