• Maree Mcmanaway

Be Bold and Back Yourself.

I appreciate you reading this, thank you.

QUOTE: Fortune favors the bold.” – Virgil. Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.

Life is change

. We're born, we grow, and eventually we move on. Between the beginning and end points, almost nothing is stable. Our bodies change. Our relationships change.

Our perceptions change. Our circumstances change.And our world and how we knew it has changed too.

In the midst of all these constant changes, it's comforting to hold onto the fact that some things remain the same. No, I'm not talking about death and taxes :)

Your life and how you live it is about your choices and how you choose to make them. Sure there are some changes we cannot control, yet how you choose to react

and respond to said changes is entirely on you...let no one or nothing else rob you of that.

Kindly remind yourself that you have the capacity to feel good anytime.

Phew thank goodness for that! Yes the winds of change are strong yet if you take a moment to stop and ask yourself who you are, what you believe in and value,

you will find the power to be bold and back yourself. To stand strong for what you believe in. To live your life on your own terms.

Make changes if necessary, just not excuses.

Ownership of your life is in your oh so capable hands.

Use your head, heart and hands, or in other words; Think it, feel it, do it.

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