• Maree Mcmanaway

Choose to live your best life because....

Before you read on know I love what I do: The Personal Development Industry in one of the fastest growing industries found Globally. There is a reason for that. Life is fast growing and changing, whether we like it or not.

With wonderful advances in modern medicine, we humans are living longer: Therefore " replacement parts" like knees, shoulders, hips and more, are fast becoming a necessity of the "keeping fit" and flexible industry. Most know using loaded resistance or weights, is ideal for good bone and muscle strength long term. Most know the importance of eating wisely and with proportion control. Most know the great healing in good sleep and balancing life/work...yet still today modern medicine advances show ,we cannot replace our mind. We do know that daily movement has a flow of effect felt in our mind,body/emotions and indeed our heart and soul too. With this we can move through our days freer, functioning in a stronger way, generally happier, fit, and able to sleep better too. Big ups to you who include into daily lives enough self love and nurturing of wellness of your precious body and mind. For some however, where does that daily mindfulness information come from? We are bombarded daily with distractions, deadlines, unforeseen challenges, heart breaks, stresses, and more. Not to forget those ever present occurrences outside our control.

What can you do? New Zealand has been rated by the United Nations as the most ecologically conscious nation in the world! And yet, surrounded as we are by some of the most magnificent nature on earth, and the safest country to be living in due to Covid, and other factors; One in six New Zealanders considers comitting suicide. One in eighteen actually make a plan.One in twenty attempt. Lets also keep in mind many do not share their personal struggles or attempts so these statistics would undoubtedly be higher. Suicide is the leading cause of death in our country still, from the ages twelve to twenty five. Sadly it is not uncommon for any age. No matter where you are on the healthy mind or body scale, remember it's never too late to make changes in your life. It's never too late to take ownership and get help to find the best mind reprogramming, replacements to change. It's never too late for you to choose for you, the individual, the incredible, you, not that of the media's ideal, or someone nothing like you. It's about being your best self.

What's the point? Its for you-to live here now in our always changing world, now, with a long healthy loving life, lived by an irreplaceable you. For you - your precious mind even more vital, because unlike your many body parts that can be replaced, your mind cannot be replaced, yet know this - it can be reprogrammed. From training and nurturing your mind you can move through your days freer, functioning in a stronger way , being happier, mindfit, and bonus ,you sleep better too. While it's not always easy to find time, to balance out those demands and distractions, or to ask ,take the time required to get help, it is proven that allowing 30 mins-1 hour of your 24hr day for mind/body management increases productivity and complete well being. Why? Do it for the healthy not the selfie. Choose to make loving your whole self a priority. Choose for the love of life - the love of your entire being! Choose for that vibrant sweet, smiling inducing fuel that your whole body can provide as you need for a great mind/body/soul/emotion. Choose for the love of who and what you share you with others Choose it for the enjoyment of healthy longivity. Choose for the love of what you leave behind. Choose for you You are a magnificent being , you hold the power to change , love, expand, and enjoy what is now at any time you choose, regardless of your situation. Why just Carpe Diem, (seize the day) when you can Apprende Vitam (seize life)

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