• Maree Mcmanaway

How does fear sabotage your daily life story?

Let’s touch on the potential for FEAR to override our logic.

Fear is a biggie for most of us. Fear of lack, loss, pride, failure, societal judgments, and now with Covid19 lapping at our toes, it can feel almost as though you are drowning in it.

With these enforced changes to day-to-day life, comes often financial fear.

And let’s not forget fear of inadequacy, or not being good enough.

Yuck what a line up.!

Inadequacy is known as one of thegreatest piranhas in the social pool.

Here’s a quick example of what financial inadequacy may sound like.

A young man urgently phones his doctor…or coach

“Doc Doc I’m finished,

I’m done, it’s all over.

I’ve lost everything, my money's all gone.!

”The Doc replies, “gosh I’msorry to hear that” then he continues by asking, “Can you still see, walk, hear., think and breathe on your own?

‘“Well yes, I can bloody see,walk, hear, think, and breathe on my own, I just called you, didn’t I?!”

“Then my friend, you have not lost everything, it’s all not done, and you still have so much.”

If you can, think of your own word language.

Many of us can fill our minds with stories on on how someone is better off than you, but that would be comparing you to another. You are an original.

Jim Rohan Quotes: When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.

Instead of allowing fears to override your logic, and form a generalized emotional story, try asking the following questions.

Know, that although things may be clouded ,there are always options.

How else can I tell my life story?

How important is this?

Is this true, or is fear preventing the facts from showing?

What would my story be like if I stopped, took some time, and either wrote out or spoke out logically, gratefully and rationally about it?

How good will it feel overcoming, and recreating what I want?

Have a play with these a logical and always GRATEFUL story that supports you and your life.

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