• Maree Mcmanaway

How many career changes will you have?

Hello and a wonderful welcome into 2022 from me,

Did you know; That you are more than likely to have up to 5-7 career changes in a lifetime is the average in a working person's life now? (Dell Technologies Institute for the Future 2018)

Spencer Johnson wrote fast reads, like Who moved my Cheese. It's a wonderful story of how when one cheese station ceases to exist as the store of cheese has changed, the two main characters, rats (Hem and Haw) who relied on it , have 2 choices. To either stay and struggle, whilst their hunger grows, or take a courage journey towards finding new cheese. Knowing that the rise of "transferable skills" are more necessary than the traditional qualification, which can become outdated. Knowing that a high value is the ability to manage critical thinking, or team integration, including creativity under changing management. This all leads to the ability to be resilient and easily able to chameleon your way through whatever situation you find yourself in. The story also reiterated that we are all capable of not only change, but also the great power to reinvent or relearn, or reuse our skills in alternate ways, so that they may provide the ultimate desired cheese of life. Your ability , willingness, and choice to gain knowledge is set to become more valuable than knowledge itself.... and it is constant evolution.. We only have to look at the media to see that today's news is so quickly yesterday's fish n chips wrapping. ( is that still hygienically permitted- it may be no longer?!) What skills do you have that are adaptable? What skills do you need to gain to fit in now? What skills do you foresee in your career that will become? Whatever you do for work/career -make it so enjoyable, that it's less about work and more about appreciation, expansion and keeping it simple.

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