• Maree Mcmanaway

How to let the "silly season" be a season of smiles and connections " too.

Please take 2 minutes to absorb these words/thoughts as you go about your day, perhaps a little more aware or mindful than before this read came to you.

Imagine you are walking along a footpath with your arms full of groceries (having forgotten to take in your bags) and someone roughly bumps into you, so that you fall and your groceries fall to the ground.

As you rise up from the puddle of broken eggs, and tomato juice spilling out, you are ready to shout, "You idiot! What's wrong with you? Are you blind or something?" but just before you do, you see that the person who bumped into you is actually blind.

He too is sprawled on the ground covered in tomato juice and groceries.

Your anger is gone in a flash, to be quickly replaced with sympathetic concern."Are you hurt? Can I help you up?"

How quickly our life situations can change when we realize that the creation of our own stresses and struggles can often be caused by ignorance of the full facts or full story or pointless loss of tempers.

So while you are out and about in this "silly season" plan and prepare to have an open heart, to use a little compassion.

Smile at the tired children in the mothers trolley, carry a bag or two, hold the door, wait patiently.

The assistants are humans too.

Take the time to calmly and kindly connect with those who like you may also have their difficulties to bear.

Let the "season be a season of smiles and connections " too

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