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Is Virtual Technology the Final Frontier

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Incredibly your body does not know the difference between fact nor fiction messages from your brain! It does not know the difference between visualization, virtual reality, or realty itself. Its is a "responder", a vessel, to serve to all signals induced through chemical reaction sent from the neurotransmitters of your brain. In all instances your brain will react as if all is real life.

So this means that when you virtually stage; stress, failure, fears, anxieties, or down thinking and more, your brain will dutifully send out the chemicals such as Cortisol, and Adrenalin to match those thoughts.

Now this is powerful knowledge.

To know that our thoughts are so pliable has lead me to ask: what else can our brain do for us in today advanced times.

What do the advances in Virtual Reality Technology offer for our future?

Can we take fears and phobias, and so on and have specifically designed programs, running specifically set sessions with clients to retrain our brain into new thought patterns?

I recently have experienced VR 1st hand. It had been a busy day, I was a bit stressed so as a trial I used a program to have some relaxing time at the beach. As I meandered around the lagoon,using my virtual legs, and simulated body, the seagulls called, the sea sounds were soothing. The visual technology was beautiful. The colours vibrant and enticing.The scenery was realistic to look at. I walked across , sat down and layed back on a lounger. At that point my body responded completely. I warmed up in temperature. when i closed out of VR i still took all the responses of the experience of the beach with me back into real world.

In todays times you not only can go to the beach i your mind, you can virtually feel the reality of it.

Not only do you no longer have to remain held down by your brains thinking you can free it.

This potentially means that brain patterns through regular transmittance and repetitive imprinting said fears, phobias, anxieties, stress, etc can be replaced, removed, and we reprogrammed in our brain transforming us into successful, confident, up lifting, problem solving , joyous thinking beings, living better lives accordingly.

Patterns and limiting beliefs that have had one held prisoner within those limiting restraints can inevitably push through.!

No one believed in the 4 minute mile. But in 1954 Rodger Bannister used visualization to break that belief and ran it in 3.minutes and 594 seconds.

With VR or visualization the body acts as if it is running a race, the muscles are stimulated, the heart rate increases and even the body perspire.

This is why reprogramming works. By changing your brains thought process you can change your moods. I like to call it Attitude Adjusting.

If there is an aspect of your life not working out as you want it to, chances are you have a limiting belief preventing it.

When you can change the way you look at things the things you look at can change (Jim Rhoan)

So start with scripting and contemplating..the begin to visualize what that looks like for you.

I used to believe.............................................................................

The move to;

Now im learning to believe...........................................................

I choose ...........................................................................................

lt is all your choice. Your actions carry consequences and signals to you on how you are functioning in your life. From the carrot to the cake. From the one night stand to marriage commitment.

All your choices speak of your truth.The true character of who you really are. Its always up to you to do what is right, which granted is not always the most fun at the time. Yet your rewards do come later.

Someone once quoted there are 7 days in a week and "some day" isnt one of them.

It matters not your method; if your visualize, VR, seek a coach, counselor, self help books, audios, etc, what matters is that you take action and kindly recognize that we are all capable of change!, and that there are many ways .

This dear friend is wonderful power.

Nothing good comes from remorse, so seek the rewards in life and step up your Attitude so you can step up your life. 4U

Your brain is your Final Frontier.

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