• Maree Mcmanaway

Knowing me, knowing you

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Are you Masculine or Feminine at your core? There is a quote "know thyself, be thyself" Part of that is knowing your core energy. Which are you? If you are not in a relationship- this is still worth understanding for the mastering of who you are. If you are in a relationship , then you have nothing to lose by reading on. One of the great buzz kills in loving relationships is when 2 core energies collide too often. Now males can be very feminine, yet still be very male, and for some women that is a turn on, if she is the masculine. She will want a gentle male, to soften her edges. And vice versa. And we can swap from one energy to another at any time. Even if you are homosexual bisexual or lesbian straight or so on...You can still observe one is masculine while the other feminine core based. The trick is to have good lasting love , be true to your core . An example a feminine born with a core that is feminine, yet she may be required to use a masculine core to get the best result; for her current situation/home/career/sports etc. Now with woman more in the workforce this is something i come across more. Woman this is an example- you are not at fault- simply unaware of the results that may occur for some, not all.. Things like talking more aggressively,(perhaps a swear word or two) an extra exertion of muscle power , raising voices ,lowering voices, dressing more masculine, a pose you strike, body language,she may wear less or no make up, or jewelry, perfume and so on. Now if she comes into her family home at the end of her busy day,still in her masculine role required, rather than her feminine core, she will "peck" him on the check rather than a loving lip connection- she may complain using her still male language, talk very easily with her man, yet it will be as if 2 blokes are having a yarn rather than connecting talk- she may possibly still swear, and so on rather than the couple uniting as male and female. she has not come back to her core. Unless you are into same core energies the odds of you both uniting as a couple who will be aroused in this way-are extremely low: Best way i have found is; As you drive home, apply lipstick (if you wear it) or Spray some perfume,a scent/make up can be used as a trigger symbol to come back to your core Put on a more soothing bit of music Find a funny topic to share as man and woman- laughter restores you to your core Take a shower, wind down back into you Change into something feminine, mother like , clothing carries a great deal of energy There are going to be plenty of times when as a couple life is about “ getting through” I get that- yet also practice making times to come back to each other fully as and when u can. Grasp every opportunity! It matters . I have used other support information in both my Mind Fit Farmer and The Mind Mechanic books:I have based this information on what i have learnt/observed/studied in my years in coaching...I don't claim to be an expert- because like you I'm still learning. That is the joy of life. The key message here is; to be the best partner to one and other you can be, means being awakened to your own part in what you can do to enhance and support your love together. Wont it be fun discovering.

Hope it helps you in love xx

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