• Maree Mcmanaway

Lets not Discourage- Lets Encourage our Youth

Millions of people have suffered from lack of praise, or recognition- yet no one suffers from receiving it! I may be an old brownie from way back :)

I'm sure i have plenty to learn in life!

Yet surely that wonderful old saying "treat others as you would like yourself to be treated" still applies in life? I came across a young lad recently- in Martinbororugh- I didn't know him at all- but from my observation he was sitting outside to try n cool down on his break after being in the kitchen/ or similar sweating up a storm .

I'm in no way saying he was mistreated- just working hard- as you do, when you start out and more n likely on a low starter wage. So as I walked past I slowed down my pace , reached into my pocket and pulled out what I knew was in there. A $20.00 note. Without stopping I handed it to him and said "you are doing something great" , then simply continued walked on.

As I passed I turned back and smiled, noting he was gob smacked at what had just happened.

It was but a simple gesture of kindness. Cripes we all have to start somewhere- but let that somewhere no matter what job not be without humanity and consideration and kindness.

In my past I recall one unique but very much had to be done job was to clean up after the deliveries of babies. I did that for some time while I was pregnant :)

I can say that perhaps in my condition I should not have seen was i saw yet it is simply life in reality. What are where have you randomly worked? How can you be kinder to a young lad or lady into their new working world and environment? Lets not discourage- lets encourage!

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