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Make Changes in life Small, Simple and Significant.

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

#Start #Small to make right in #Life!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could skip the steps and simply be your best in certain aspects that frustrate you from the moment you have the realization to be better in life than it currently is.?

Well you can take comfort in the fact that it is less about hard work and more about diligence.The old saying" its what you do daily that makes the difference" is very true. So when it comes to recreating new habits and making changes in your life there is no guess work, or cheats way.. there is you and your opportunity and choice to step up and make it happen. Its 1-2 3 steps; You cant cheat or con it, You cant ignore and you can only mask it for a short time You cant wish or magic it away You are wasting your time stressing or complaining about it So You can stop blaming everyone or everything about it. What does that lead to?

Bitterness, sadness, frustration, and lashing out at others unnecessarily. You can own and accept it: while i know its not always easy to admit to, it is oh such a transformation when you do. Because this really is the only way to change any aspect of your life that you no longer enjoy or want; Simple.

You can; 1. Change the way you think, ask for help if you need it. 2. Change the way you act,ask for ways to do that if you need to. 3 and in turn the results in your life change..remember to celebrate those changes. Will it happen over night ? no- its not magic Will it be easy? No- not at 1st- you are changing old habits, it takes time. Most professionals agree that 60-100 days is the most successful turn around time to get the most permanent results. A simple self support is to mark up around 3/4 months in your calendar and commit to it. You may want to invite a friend or family member to join you. Will I be able to do it? - Yes- You are not alone in your quest for change. We are all cyclical, evolutionary beings who constantly like the season seek to alter our plans and ways in life.The difference in success lies in the following traits; When you have faith/trust/patience and practice the new habits and changes then success can become a given for you. What if i fail? (terrible word) Its a lesson you are not truly committed, or understand yet. Be thankful for the test..Then recognize ownership once again and understand you need honesty, clarity, commitment, willingness and readiness.

Continue to practice all with renewed focus and discipline. Are you willing to do whatever it takes or are you not? Its your life- Its not always your fault- yet -You are responsible for it all.

You can do this.

You can change.

You are worth it!

Come on lets go for you being your best!!


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