• Maree Mcmanaway

Moony or Moody Blues? Tips on how to help;

Welcome all; Appreciate your being here. Ahhhh Are you effected by the moon? At the full moon, our emotions and energies are altered, heightened. Giving the appearace as if all is a magnification of what is going on within us. The full moon can have you feeling like you are in a bit of a disruptive time, resulting in more erratic behaviour, tension, or tiredness. You may find yourself feeling anxious or emotionally , and easily upset. Science also provides evidence that we sleep a little more restlessly, and often less. Thus the title Lunacy; you are left with feelings all mixed up in your mind like a betty beater cake mix! So how to manage these times you may ask? 1. Kindly recognize , that if this is temporary as full moons are, then it is the effects, not a cause of anything else major.Relief there right! 2.Use ways to minimise outbursts, I have shared many tools/techniques with you over the years; Give yourself time to respond.. I have always recommended the Traffic Light Theory. Which is in The Mind Mechanice and Mind Fit Farmer Books.

3.Warn those you love; Now I dont mean threaten them like a rabies infested wolf, about to convert into canibalisim! I suggest you inform those you care about, "Mummies in a moon mood" or whatever else title (often comical) you want to use. People only know what you share with them. If you dont educate and own your feelings, you cannot expect others to guess the kindest answers...Tis better to let family know you are grumpy , and have them back away from the beast boiling within, than to wait until you blow, and burn everyone..with long term effects. wolf hair , and foaming mouth bits everywhere! 4. Use one of the many great APPS. I really like the CALM. Epecially as you can use it to set yourself into a nice mindset in bed, or preset your day.. 5. I do share this often but BREATHE, long and slow works 6.Slow down; Its a known fact- we acheive more when we are present ,and moving in a paced manner through each hour/day.. Luny pace is for Luny outcomes. Understand that anger often comes with a sense of urgency. You may be thinking, “I must figure this out now!” or “ I must get justice now!” While it’s important to address what’s happened, your words and actions usually don’t give the outcome you would like when we’re still in the intensity of the emotion. So, it’s crucial first to slow down and take care of yourself. 7. Cut yourself a little compasion, even laugh at your crazy wolf ass attitude..lighten up- no one is perctect. Anger is a useful messenger, when applied with intelligence not emotional overload. Go for kindness 1st always, for all people! 8. I often find it funny that a plane has a razor blade dispenser in the toilet. Is there really someone that hairy that they would have shaved enough to blunt a razor, so they must change it before landing! LOL.. We humans are the weirdest creatures at times...x

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