• Maree Mcmanaway

MYTH- Work/Life is not a Perfect Balance.

MYTH There is no such thing as a perfect work/life balance. It's never 50/50 Try not to stress over the "right" balance. It is always changing. For a start we all live very different lives, and with the way life changes, your schedule alters accordingly. What is of great importance at one time, will recede back to lesser importance during another time. It's not unlike juggling balls. Most of us can only juggle so many at once, as your life evolves,and cycles and your observations of what are priorities alter. What is important is that you have some up time and down time.

How do you do that? Simply figure what your ultimate life design at this time is for you- for those scales of self management in your life? Example; If you are at home with a young family you can't expect to have days of silence and solace, (oh you may wish for it, but realistically thats for your future) Right now your scales of balance maybe that once a week, you get an hour or two without the rugrats to do something just for you, like exercise, a hobbie, or time in the great outdoors.

TIPS Never compare your family's balance, or your own work/life balance to others.

Do what works for you.

The odd week when the scales tip out of whack is normal , just go with it.

Schedule your time into your week, value it as if it were a significant appointment- It is. It can also give you something to look forward to. Have it visible to others in your home (should you have family) so they and you view it as a normal weekly event , rather than a fussed over request.

Understand that your time fluctuates as your life changes. Expect only what is possible right now.

Accept and appreciate what is...and make the best of it with a big smile, always a smile.

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