• Maree Mcmanaway

Pick Your Confidont Wisely.

I warn you for me this is a little blunt..ok..

Pick your confidont;

All toooo often I hear broken hearted stories from my clients of how a factless, gutless imature gossip has manifested into a verbal virus spewing out foolish hurtful toxic waste.

1. Share your concerns only with a trusted person.

Your desire is not to have to educate/convince/repeat what you are concerned about. How tiring is it having to explan yourself, then worry MORE becuaase they may think less of you - or become a verbal virus spreader too.

It is to have a trusted friend or professional person listen.

2. Understand kindly that those who spread verbal viruses, are all of the above.. Un educated, imature, untrustworthy, and most are also low esteemed.

3. You cannot unsay or undo what has been said or be the 1st to apologize if you have been a verbal viral spreaader...

Learn from it.

Stop! the behaviour.

Grow up. Be kind.

Walk in that persons shoes for just moment and maybe you will find the compasion and interity you clearly lack at this time.

4. Do a good deed. In the Covid Era there are far better things to spread.

5. If you are the reciever - listening;

Walk away from the verbal vomit, and do not add to it.

Excuse yourself so you protect yourself from the harm

If it is about you- do not give rise. A fire can only burn for so long without wood.

Pay it forward, help another. do some self development.

Viruses verbal or otherwise seed from a beginning. Be dam sure you start today to spread toxins of love, kindness, health, connection, worthiness, pride, integrity, trust in you.

Look above and beyond it ....we live in this world "together". We are not all the same. We are all different. We are the colours and personality that make up the tapestry of life- so lets try and get along aye.

Be loving... today!

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