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Teenage sadness is powerful when understood.

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Its a known fact that each and every one of us, at some stage in our lives will feel the effects of depression, or at the very least overwhelming sadness.

The insights or contributing factors that can lead to depression are many.

From device overload, using the "likes" as a symbols of success or failure, being wanted or not. In fact the average person dying at aged 75 (which is young in today's world) would loose approximately 10 whole years of their life. rather sobering isn't it.Teenagers are especially prone to the "like me " effects.

Then there is pair pressure, family miscommunications, chemical changes in the adolescent body altering not only the new look appearance but the functionality of the brain during puberty.

Also bullying: in many forms, causing isolation, lashing out, unusual behaviors, loneliness, low self esteem, and lack of confidence to name but a few. Without these basic fundamentals a teen feels they lack direction, become very over analytical and incredibly self critical and often they become paralyzed with sadness.

There may also be the heavy mind burdens of post traumas, experiences, beliefs, that have defined and are unable to let go of for fears of embarrassment, shame, lack of trust, and at times thinking it may make things worse.

So we need to step up as parents, carers, guardians.

Does any Teen want pimples? Can you stop them?

Yet most are effected by them right- and through no fault of their own. it just happens. Emotions are much the same. Changing , happening, appearing almost out of the blue in outburst without their control.

So you have choices; in fact many options/methods to help.

All have the same 1st step- Asking for help- You may think its like the holy grail of OMG!

Yet its logic- say your stomach started to really really hurt, sharp horrible ongoing relentless pains...would you leave it and suffer?

Your mind is no different. if it is causing pain- get it fixed.

There are so many methods-with one key goal. To see our future of our world excel to their best potential in life.

Options are ,counselling, coaching, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, food diet changes, life style changes, and so much more.

Is it hard to seek help? Is it hard to live with pain? Whats the best option then? Let your Teen chose. This alone is powerful. This is taking progressive action to change.

The recovery lies in taking enough action to be satisfied that the results in which you seek are provided through evidence of key changes.

Generally at 1st in behavioral responses.

Rather than reacting from effect reactions, your Teens take responsibility of behaviors instead. From that powerful growth occurs. And with it their confidence, self esteem and emotions rise too. In having tools and techniques to self manage they are no longer fearful, or as critical of themselves.

Understand that you are, as a parent or career here by choice to provide, love, protect and nurture your Teen. Be not the harsh parent who jibs and punishes,and puts down, be the parent who asks your Teen "Are you OK"? Can i help? I'm here, I Love you, I'm sorry, and thank you. Soften your approach.

No one has ever died from encouragement or compliments, or love, but many have through lack of it.

We all need to feel appreciated. Show your Teen just how proud you are and how powerful they can be. Whilst they may at times make it hard for us to like them, you must always let them know how much you love them. You are the teacher. So lead by your example.If you are also loosing your cool when in conflict - how do you expect your Teen to stay calm? Show them how not to loose their cool. And if angry or sad, be understanding and share how to vent it healthily.

If you need to learn new communication tools, or how to be calm in the storm of chaos, then learn it.

Take comfort in knowing that no parent is perfect. That this will pass. That in time your Teen will come "home" to you again.

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