• Maree Mcmanaway

The 3 things you need to live more are;

There are only 3 things you need to be applying when living your life simply, happily and fully.

Because in life, you still have a choice, and 3 of them are key. There are no real binding conditions, so If you decide to truly become something or someone you can. You will need 3 things. 1.Remember the teachings your life or another will send you, so you don’t waste it over with too many repeated times over, such a bore otherwise. This one really matters. 2.Consciously work towards not simply surviving but thriving regardless of what’s happening around you, and always share out what you can spare of the yummy bits, the returns are fab. 3. While there will be times when you would rather get a refund or exchange on it, you and your life are a blessing; so utilize and unwrap every layer of this great reward called a gift..thus choosing to relax and go with the flow, in a simpler, happier and easier life 4U.

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