• Maree Mcmanaway

We are the World- We are the People!

You would agree that Covid has changed things, that it is here to stay, and that the best we can do to maintain our mental/emotional and even physical wellness is adjust and accept it while making the best of our still incredible lives.

Some say life is easier for "girls" . Girls can easily say , "it hurts, or I don't like how this feels". They can complain and have it be utterly acceptable.

Some say males or "boys" dont speak that language...often not learnt as children by their parents, or often taught to "not be a girl" when they may have attempted to express their emotions.

Boys as men can sit with a freind and not speak a word, something a woman would struggle to comprehend.Males like to grunt out responses, act tough, shy away from touch, be a man. Girls as women are often the opposite.

Yet when you know you are loved, or when you reach out and love someone there is a pattern, a way you connect with each other. A home-ness. As a couple you may even unknowingly have your own personal intimate choreographed moves, and as parents our children need to know their parental love connective language.

Mental Health is knowing you belong, that you are loved, that you matter. It's knowing you have a reason to get up in the morning and a purpose for living. A purpose that creates solid values and beliefs to give you courage to step forward onto your future tracks.

So while Covid makes rock our life tracks, do your best to express all the emotions you have within you, without gender stereotypical suppressions. Do your best to stay on track with yourself. Do your best to love and nurture your family, and build your incredible life. This is no dress rehearsal, and I for one will be damned if I will spend my now in any other way but loving those around me, sharing, life the way I do, living in health and with a smile that sure some days I need to search a little harder for, yet one like the sun behind the clouds is still there.

I know you are an amazing individual, step up and celebrate your unique self, for the love of life!

We are the world- we are the people!

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