• Maree Mcmanaway

What does success means to you?

Your life unfolds in seasons. These seasons, like us, are forever changing, evolving and with it consciously or unconsciously we are too. For most your goal is to find peace, joy, happiness, abundance and bliss in the present moment, through that feeling of contentment, or achievement, through having a life purpose. What does your success look like to you? Success in your life may mean laughing more, learning new tools and techniques to enjoy your life, running faster, connecting more, starting sooner, living lighter, planning better, getting more sleep, being more still or present... The fun part is we are all individuals, so it makes great sense that we all have our own idea of that success...and that generally evolves as we do. Never compare yourself to another! Success is something you define for you, your life, your family life. It's progressing towards what you want at that time in your life.

Look back through a resume, or write down all your past successes, and notice and appreciate what you have achieved again. Whatever be your idea of success, be patient, and plan for it, while still enjoying being here in your now... Do not waste your precious time competing, your life is 100% original to you, and only you. Celebrate it all- even the not so good bits. Kindly recognize that nothing good happens over night, but as it says New Zealand's Rachelle Hunter quotes, it will happen. Because dear you, life's seasons, like you, are forever changing, and evolving and with it, you truly are too. Be kind to your dynamic, doing it for the greater good individual self.

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