• Maree Mcmanaway

Who Would You Have Been 100 Years Ago?

For me-A natural helper/healer... In around the 1980s on wards(about 100 life times ago :) I worked for some years at Greytown Hospital as a nurses aid. Then a domestic. When the Greytown Maternity ward opened I was assigned the role of domestic/support keep. Nurse Stroud was/is a beautiful soul.♥️ This meant i cleaned the Annex post delivery of well as if a child was up for adoption - I was often asked to care for the baby while the adoptive protocol was confirmed and baby was homed with its new parents..It was a privilege to bath/feed/hug those darling infants, and it felt all the more special and fragile in their care in light of their transitional life journey. Ironically i was working whilst pregnant with our 1st born at the time..Perhaps Nurse Stroud viewed it as pre birth training.😅.. While working at Greytown, , the Masterton Hospital nurses went on strike over a pay dispute..(a much deserved pay rise was needed) Money can never acknowledge the dedication of those in the field of work.Even today!! THANK YOU.

By loving chance I have been present at 5 births.. This photo was taken while i was volunteering there during the strike. I often wonder where that family are..if you recognise it do PM me..

Just as I did not become a nurse..or midwife.. I have always been a helper. and it has taken many years to find my niche.

In these time of career or employment uncertainty.. With the COVID19 cloud hanging over many jobs.. Question What is the best way to approach this wave of unemployment about to hit our country , our people like a tidal wave.?🌊 Suggestion. In the clouds there is always a silver lining. You may scoff at that right now.,so let me be clear..this is not an emotional lining.. This is a drawing the out linings or guidelines of your future plans.📖 I quote when Steve Jobs (inventor of Apple Computers) was asked- "how did you know what you wanted to do"? He replied.. well I didn't.. what i did know was to do what i was drawn to. Steve loved calligraphy- and unusual passion for a male in college- you can imagine his was jibbed by his classes mates for taking classes in this study.Yet he choose not to listen to other emotional based opinions but rather to trust his own guidelines.The rest as they say is history.. What he did was look back on his past studies/interests/jobs/careers and he took from that the aspects that he liked,that he was good at or sought to pursue more of. Its often not the job itself its often the aspects of the job that hold the greatest clues.Look at where there will be the highest demand, and for what. Open up to all possibilities. If you have the time, perhaps you could stop and reflect on past experience in your working life that you can draw a few guiding lines from. A place to begin...dont force an answer, let it unfold .

Remember you can always seek guidance as well.

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