• Maree Mcmanaway

Do you beleive it or not?

A warm welcome to you as always. As you hunker down amidst the Matariki mid-winter - both darkness and lightness seeding its way deeper into your sub conscious thoughts...with that pre spring mind , perhaps thinking, I want this or that to change in my life. Or I'm a bit over this happening... Maybe its time to begin to step back and take alook from the outside in. What do you believe? Is it time to spring clean your mind?

You see a lot of people soak up a lot of ideas and reponses to what they have experienced, over time, and cram them into their heads. Then call them "things I believe" and never really take the time to stop and look at them ever again.

Its important to take the time to realize and spring clean your mind as you evole, so that the"things you think you believe" can change-completely too. Stop and observe them, like you are looking for the 1st time. Example: Like say the great worth of rain. What it does for our planet-it provides drinking water, replenishes the drought stricken plains, (especially the hawkes bay region right now) it refills our rivers, reservoirs, feeds our plantations/forests and animal life.. Its is a need...that we often say we dont want. Its rain from a fresh perspective. Now your belief: Do you see it for what it really is? Or what you think it is? Is it hindering or helpng you? Try not to grip too tightly onto what you think will see more with an open mind.

Keeping with the rain theme another example might be, if you look at a shallow pool of water, or puddle as something to dodge so you dont get your boots or feet may even avoid the puddle and never give it a 2nd glance. Yet if you softened your eyes, and mindfully relaxed more openly, you would not only begin to see your reflection, in the water but the clouds or trees in the back ground.

There is always so much more to see than what you 1st believed. Use your mid-winter thoughts to take a good loving look within your "things you believe" mindbox. So you can step into your spring fresh headed.

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