• Maree Mcmanaway

Even the longest tunnel has a light...

Life is always changing, and boy have we had our share of life and world changes!

No matter what happens there will be a future; a future that we all will be a part of.

Much of your future is in your hands. Especially how you manage your reactions, your behaviours, plans, and actions.

You see with a plan, you have direction.

With tools and techniques to manage stress and changes you have mindful support.

With good health you have energy, strength, and stance.

This all brings mana, calm, a sense of being able to stand while the storms of life at times seem to want to knock you down.

However, and whatever you do- do it regularly. A pleasure mindset is more than natural, its vital to your contentment and wellness and ultimate success in all aspects of your life, and significantly to refuel and re light your soul.


By changing just 1 behaviour/habit/belief you have a success rate of a whopping 85%.

If you could change just one thing about your now self, that would empower you and your sweet life future what would it be?

Now imagine it as if it has already happened.

Sit and contemplate ( I mean really imagine it in detail for at least 3-5 mins without distractions)

Contemplate the feelings, the colours, the buzz in your blood

Sit a envision the steps you took to get there.

Observe yourself in the success of it.

Get lost in the joy of pleasure!

Its extremely good for you. In fact, it’s so good it can heal, and empower you to turn up your energy, and open your mind into what can I do right now about this thinking??

Great news! You are able to manoeuvre and control your mind to release this delicious chemical called nitric oxide. (no not the external gas) anytime you want. How good is that

Nitric oxide fires up your neurotransmitters which send out messages to ignite your fire within, not unlike bubbles in your blood (if you can imagine letting the top of a carbonated bottle.

Its your ahhhhh, or chiiiii sensations

It creates cell renewal

Increases healthier blood flow through your entire body.

It makes you feel more empowered and keener to stride through changes, with more gusto.

It creates a sense of harmony to build and set more long-term goals, and to keep on keeping them.

To work with not against change.

Spend your now time not talking about others, spend it talking about ways of doing things differently as your life and that of others in our world as it changes.

Get your chii spark lite today, for your sweet future.

Cant wait to hear about what wonderful change you have made and what you are doing??

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