• Maree Mcmanaway

Finding your silver lining.

I have found that there is only one thing that heals every difficulty you may face ; and that is to love yourself.

While it may at 1st glance seem like a "yeah right" response in your initial reaction, do bare with me on this and read on.

When you start to care more for yourself life becomes less resistant and much easier to manage. Here are some suggestions to start your personal journey to a more loving and enjoyable life.

Stop being a criticizer.

Criticism never changes a dam thing. If you spend any of your precious 60.000 odd thoughts per day criticizing yourself you are creating a continual stream of disharmony within your self. Accept exactly where you are at right now. Then with ownership and acceptance you have a platform from where to begin. Great!

Forgive yourself.

Let go of the past and if not seek help to support you to let go. You cannot un-change,un-see, or un-say what has happened.Yet with treatment you can make peace and minimize the effects emotionally. You can develop yourself to exceedingly new levels yet unknown. Holding on to it is saying you want to remain living inside a dark cloud. Paralyzed. Sometimes it takes a

Be patient, kind, and gentle with yourself.

Try and see yourself as your own best friend, someone you love and care for. Someone you truly do want to do better.

Be kind to your mind.

Self hatred, not unlike self criticism takes practice to master. Ask what would you say to your best mate. Would you allow a friend another chance in life? What is stopping you then?

Take care of your mind and body.

Toxic thoughts/living create toxic actions/lives . Tonic thoughts/living create tonic actions/lives . Stop reflect and respond with a statement- Is this right? Will this help? What can i do better about this? A question beginning with "what" is a call to action. It is a progressive statement to begin something.

Do not use "Why" questions if you are down.

When you are low a why question will always give you a low or negative non progressive response. Always seek to speak highly of yourself. Tell a new story and be loyal to it.

Have a vision that is loving, and kind, realistic yet enticing .

What presents in your life today is a direct response of what you have been doing in the past. A new and exciting future means new and exciting practiced responses. Be honest patient and disciplined. You didn't just wake up one morning with your life completely out of alignment. It took time. Maybe you didnt care enough. Maybe you were lazy. Maybe you were not honest with yourself. What ever your reason for your current situation the results speak volumes of you and your character. You can only deny reality for so long aye.

I liken it to a big ship, knowing it is about to hit the harbor. You know it, you see it,you may try and ignore it, fake it, but even now when you try to stop the momentum has taken over and the crash is imminent. So kindly understand it will take time for your mind engines to be reversed, to turn your life ship around and to set sail again in the right direction.

Liberation is the 1st step to lifting the darkened clouds and finding your silver lining.

Then you can Yield/plan a healthy future.

In time you will Flourish beyond current conditions and yes find the silver lining to your life ! Whats the silver lining? Well that is that you can chose to create your life at any matter how dark it all seems. Remember the come back is always stronger than the set back.

In fact you may even strike gold!

You can do this.

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