• Maree Mcmanaway

How do you reivent your career?

Expanding on your life starts at the end of your comfort zone. Yet those infiltrating fears/excuses seem to ride over you like the Lord over its master. How do we step over rather than bow down to these success blockers? Laurie Cameron; who is one of 30 international professional women with each chapter (including myself) in a book called The Power of Transformation, Reinventing your life..we compiled back in 2014. Quotes There are 2 simple secrets to reinventing any aspect of your life.

Secret 1. Figure out what’s not working in your life and stop doing it. Secret 2. Figure out what works better and start doing that instead.

That may sound almost arrogant, yet it hits the point. How often in your past can you look back and actually recognize moments where you have known full well that something isn't working, yet you carried on. Or that you knew what could be better and never tried due to those pesky success blockers mentioned above. It's almost like the Ferris Wheel at the show , round and round, tummy up, then dropping down. You have the desire to rise up, yet the comfort zone and fears drop your tummy straight back down, and round you go again. As mentioned in your last Marees Monday Motivational; Your Life is always changing, and we change either with it or it drags us along kicking and still changes nonetheless, so we may as well make the best of these changes as view them as opportunities for expansion, even if we are pushed past that comfort zone. Suggestions; Step back, stop and reflect non emotionally at your past successes, strengths, and skills. When and what fires you up, gets you pumped? As you and your life has changed, what have you learned about yourself that can be useful, that perhaps wasn't known of before?

If there was a worst case scenario,as in what you have a serious attempt at was not right, could you figure a secure way out? (This one really helps to calm those success blockers.) Who can you call on to support your venture? What does this successful venture look like to you, so you know when you are there? If not now, when? Of course this is just the tip of your iceberg, yet it may be just the incentive to initiate some exciting ideas, and a rough plan, so go for it. Tip To prevent some of the Ferris Wheel impacts; Always be interested, or curious, as the observer...non emotionally; it lessens the opportunity for those blockers to override your goal. Whatever you choose to do with your life, choose to do it. There are only so many spins on your life wheel. Happy wheeling.

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