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Lets talk about love

The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love and let it come in. (morrie schwartz)

Let's talk about couplesI'm not an expert on love- Im not sure anyone is..mostly due to the fact that we all love in individualized ways.It's a subject that comes for most clients - so what I'm sharing here are just a fraction of thoughts and suggestions on love, and its difference.

There’s no one way to experience love, for we all experience love indifferent ways.

For some of us to really experience love, we need to feel love, through beinghugged and touched. Some of us, however, need to hear the words “I love you.” Othersneed to see a demonstration of love, like a gift of flowers.Some fall in love quickly, others slowly expand into love

What is the difference between lust and love?

We all know that feeling of falling in lust. That law of attraction, that almighty powerful emotional magnetic draw that pulls one towards another. The desire, the lust, the wanting. It overrides everything. it seems nothing else matters in the world but being with that special person.. While its sensational, and insatiable while it is in its powerful state - lust has also ruined the lives of many a man and woman. Mainly because that power has the ability to obliterate reason or common sense. In fact most say it is blinding.Lust like love comes and goes.

What is love?

I'm asked this question often also.Love is a union of connection, 2 individuals choosing to look outwards together in the same direction.

Love is like a dance, if one leads, the other follows- It's a cooperation together not a competition to win or be right, but rather a sharing and acceptance of quirks and traits and togetherness, it's all that is there, not just bits of it.

It doesn't come with conditions, and get out clauses, or when it has a best by date.

It's when you simply choose to give love your all, and never stop giving it, while knowing inside that you never will. When there's never enough time to converse and say all you have to say to each other, and when you are noticing the changes in your love, in each other as the love and ourselves age; yet still only seeing that beautiful person who requested your heart all that time ago.

That’s when it's real. That's when nothing can touch it or spoil it,because you nurture and protect it as if it is the most fragile yet robust thing in the world...and you want to be with that dancing partner always.

Can you fall out of love ? Yes- Most couples fall in and out of love... one can not like their partner while still loving them, as generally this is more about what a partner has done or not done to annoy or upset you. That's like it is in constant also keeps love interesting

Here are 10 ideas...

1.Learning to laugh with each other -comedy is a great mood lifter.

2.Master healthy communications- often so overlooked yet oh so important.

3.Have devise free time- obvious why

4.Share quality experiences, nothing more dull than the same ol same old.

5.Know your values and beliefs as a couple

6.Make future plans -together

7.To have and to hold -meaning always have each others back- you need to have trust

8.Celebrate and compliment each other-often- a few nice words are so easy to share with big impacts- know each other's love languages...

9. Happiness comes from within- it is not your partners job to make you happy- its yours.. become your best and watch that fire expand

10. It's all about love, always put love 1st- what could you do right now for your partner?

Have a loving week

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