• Maree Mcmanaway

Tips on how to Love U and Love Life

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Henry Ford quoted, "whether you think you can or think you cant- either way you are right" If you think you are unlovable, that others cant love sincerely, or life is hard and cruel...then you are right. Hows that working for you? What if you set yourself a personal goal? A goal to simply open up and learn to love the right people the right way , by you taking ownership more; Can you imagine how much softer the sharp edges of your life would feel. How do I do that, you ask? Millions of people have suffered from lack of praise, or recognition- yet no one suffers from receiving it! Start today Create a list of all the loving ways you can be,communicate, share, empower yourself, and the loving ways that you can give out more freely. Try; Not arguing back- it is worth winning or trying to be right? Will it really make a worthy difference or simply create more destruction?Self love is knowing when to be silent. If its a toxic conversation, excuse yourself. No good will come from soaking up negative gossip or similar. Be the one to offer a compliment, praise your children- how often are you fully present (of devices) only when they are doing something not right?

True love is 100% connection . Be connected.

Try alternate clothing/footwear or similar styles. is this the look of you now of from 10 or more years ago.. Change you that others see you in a more loved way.

Begin a new hobbies or take a class on something you have always wanted to do...

Consider a new sport or relaxation classes... Nothing venture nothing gained or is exciting and inviting new people of alternate lifestyles to mingle with.

Show people how to treat you by reflecting that kindly.If you want kindness, share it. If a meeting at work is to be potentially tense- lead in with a encouraging comment, Like we both want to be heard,you have great value in this, lets sit down together and talk this through and openly..without the egoistic agenda of seeking to defeat another.

Being the great observer requires listening to all sides without judgment. If you have a neighbor, check in with him/her. Being loving is not just exchanging gifts or whatever on the 14th with another (although that too is nice)Loving is living a kinder life holistically is all aspects of your and those your connect with remarkable lives.. 💖

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