• Maree Mcmanaway

Loving your Emotional Self;

I must confess- I am a romantic at heart. Like many I can let me emotions overide my logic. So Ive learnt ways to best respond when I react.

February is Valentines month- so my face book blogs will be covering many different aspects of relationships and self love. Do join me.

I choose to live in a way that is dedicated to LOVE and all that surrounds it.

How do you live?

Lets start with you. No matter who you are or what your situation remember this;

Our emotions are in constant movement, as if we are rising up during heated moments, while sailing down during easier moments. You have within you an Emotional Barometer Guide.

Each moment you can observe and check in while you are in emotional and in motion.

You can become more able to manage your emotional scale in a more self loving way.

How do I do that you may ask?

Check in with your feelings regularly.On a scale of 1-10 how are you?

What is your vibe giving out to you and those around you?

Its always an accurate read.

Its OK to be wherever you are on your emotional scale. Simply observe yourself, and good news is , when you are wanting to change it , you are able to !

Do thist for you. No other, You. For the love of you.

Perhaps find a name or word for your Ned Negative, or Sally stress pants, emotional moments; then as he/she comes along simply tell he/she to leave, and opt for a better response..

Use a more "how can I manage these emotions is in a compaasionate way option?"

How you act or react follows where you are on your scale

Step back and ask – Is this worth the stress?

Or am I worth more than this? Is this situation more worthy than this harsh closed response?

If I turn this around and respond in a loving or kind hearted way what could unfold then ?

Take control, and find a better reaction.

Play with focusing on how you would like your emotions to be? Then practice that which you envision.

Fall back into your worth, your beauty, your mana or soul. You are here, now, mighty, unique, and significant. You matter. You are loved. Celebrate that.

Its the knowing that life is not a straight path but one that turns and curves and curls along the way. Learn to bend not break.

Find peace every day in every situation.

Remember the better your emotions are the easier your emotional mountain/mole hill life will be 4U.

Return to love, love of yourself, your favourite T shirt, your most enjoyed food... the way you smile, the sound of your laughter.. allow freely your heart re-open consciously to all the gifts surrounding you.

Keep it simple. Love is not complicated when you accept what is with kindness.

Find your emotional balance in every day situations, and before you know it...your emotional baramoter is showing kind, compasionate and caring weather matter the situation you are in.

Its all about LOVE;

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