• Maree Mcmanaway

Mens Health Matters to Us All.

FACT Mental Health struggles, affects everyone of us at some point in our lives.

The average male will experience a form of depression or mental unwellness in their lifetime.

Its a natural, normal thing! Remaining depressed or simply struggling for long periods of time is not.

I have observed in my profession that males are less stoic than in the past now, thankfully , and more likely to reach out for coaching..and thats a great shift in thinking men. from coporate, to farmer, to tradies, to stay at home dads and more.

Thank you!

..So if you are one of those who have premisconceptions about seeking help, try this- Don't think , just step up and Seek out Support.

You have nothing to loose, and everything to gain.

Perhaps the Mrs(man talk) is hard to talk too? - Communication tools can be given.

Perhaps works or the boss is driving you down? Learning how to inititate healthy technques that stop you from loosing it are on hand.

Perhaps therre have been changes in your role at work, creating concern?

Perhaps you are simply tired/tapped out, or feeling stressed to the max and many more aspects of concern?

Seek help

Take time to make time, 4U, to just flick a text, mention it to a mate, call or email the professional of your choice.

Try to be open and active to the idea of needing a few new tools for the oldmind tool box to develop yourself...remember we are not taught EQ How to manage our emotions in school, aye.

You can waste a lot of precious life learning it the hard way.

What you want logically is not how is will happen if you are stuck emotionally.

While no one gets it right all the time...its OK to expect a balance of your life .

While accepting the factvthat some days you are the magpie -- or the New Zealand pigeon (the kereru) ora Kiwi! and some days you're the statue!

Do cut yourself some slack too, because some mistakes are too good to only make once 4

.A genuinely happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on the detours.

If you can factor it in, take regular breaks from every day, no matter how important that day is!

Like having a couple of weekends each year set aside for hunting or fishing with your mates.

We woman love our men, our children love their daddys..your parents care about their son, and if none of that applies to you, do it for yoursellf...lead the way.

Remember, nothing is permanent, it’s all temporary, neither will last, both the good and the not-so-good times.

So reach out when you need a hand... or if you notice a mate struggling; be the one to give yours.

Help me spread the word, and share this support our men.

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