• Maree Mcmanaway

Perseverance Always Prevails

An Australian sheep farmer who had spent his life running after his sheep, at age 61 yrs joined 150 world class professional athletes aged approx 30 yrs to run whats known as the "worlds toughest race". An enduring long distance of 875kms, that takes 6-7 days to finish. Not only did he complete this race (wearing regular shows) he won it! How? While everyone else was sleeping, he kept running day and half each night. He finished in 5 days breaking the world record by 9 hours! Cliff Young was a humble average man who took anything but humble average steps and became a national sensation. This man followed his own path..

Whatever you are stepping towards in your life/month/day, dont give up, persevere on. Should you fall, get back up. Its not how long it will take you- oh no- its that you complete. Your actions will always show your true results. Your actions are far greater/ louder than you and speak only your truth. You do this for you..and who knows who follows you by your lead. And beside life is so rewarding when you do! You can do this.! You never know how far you can go...just one step at a time.

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