• Maree Mcmanaway

Plans can change- So can you.

Hello and always welcome, :)

I appreciate your being here, by choice,

Thank you.

It was Benjamin Franklin who said the famous quote ,; The only things certain in life are taxes, and death.

Personally I find that unsettling and untrue...and rather morbid.

For one thing, nothing remains the same. From your vocation, to location, to motivation. Plans can change,, so can you!

If you took a look at your life timeline; and you listed the changes your life has had the list would be hugely varied.

I would suggest that one other thing is certain. Life is full of change.

And should you choose to take a truthful look within those changes, you will identify the essence of your "WHY and WHAT" . It lies within the clues, or signals of your reactive responses when transformation of yourself is necessary to adjust to those changes.

Now I aint saying it's easy, yet it can be fun, it can be empowering, it can be uplifting and oh so aha like that you wonder why you didn't look before.

Have a play;

List your Life Timeline;- How did you react to past changes

Who did you connect with?

How did that change you? Did you master compassion or complaint?

List 3 wonderful qualities you have, that you can call on as strength and assuredness.

List 3 good solid actions you have taken that provide you with evidence that you can.

List 3 positive statements about yourself, that validate worth.

While you cannot change some of the experiences, connections or events that come your way, you sure can change and even transform yourself because of them to a greater self than ever known before. Of course this is all about choice.

You always get to choose, your life as it comes or a better LYF 4U.

What's it all about?

Its about enjoying living with change, celebrating connections ,living with compassion,and doing your best to make a worthy choice right here, and now.

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