• Maree Mcmanaway

Smile and let life smile with you.

I do hope your Christmas day and my new word, " Feastive: day was one that left you feeling full in soul, family, connection and no doubt tummies too. So as we slide to our between week, hopefully you are laxing out where and when you can,smiling more, letting 2020 slide into oblivion. Perhaps you are mulling over and considering 2021 as it begins to move into position. I have a suggestion- a simple yet oh so effective new habit/behaviour, that you could easily begin in your 2021...or now for that matter. This one change can bring you profound changes in many of your life aspects. Are you ready?

Here it is. What if you simply choose to smile more?

Yes thats all it is..all it would take.. If you are smiling more at life how can you hang onto resentments ? Smiling does not mean life is all easy, smoke and mirrors, yet it does mean you are the mirror of which you attract.

I've never met a smiling face that wasn't beautiful, regardless of the age or situation. And as they say goes "we do all smile in the same language" Smiling releases calming chemicals, it invites open minded thinking and options to solutions that with a borrowed frown full of stress cannot be clearly found. Whether you meet your life with a loving smiling heart or not will determine how you find it. " A stranger walked towards the gate of a new city. By the side of the road sat an old wise woman who smiled and welcomed the traveller, seeking a new life. What are the people like who live here? the stranger asked the woman. How did you find people in your old city? she asked the traveller. They were gossips, mean spirited, selfish and never smiled, couldn't get on with them. You'll find the people are much the same here, she replied. Later a 2nd stranger passed the old wise woman, and she smiled and welcomed him also, He smiled back broadly and asked the same question. What are the people like who live here? How did you find people in your old city? she asked the 2nd traveller They were good people, industrious, open-minded and easy to get along with. You'll find the people are much the same here she replied.

Did you notice she smiled at both travellers, yet there was only one response ?

Which life traveller are you? Be the initiator not the dictator. Share a genuine smile and I guarantee you it always will return you and your life 10fold. Spread your smile everywhere! So I share with you a smile, and thank you for being here. you are valued and appreciated.


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