• Maree Mcmanaway

The Happiness Myth

Welcome ! This is a community page for you.. because of support and inspire you...You are a vital part of what this page has always been about. To uplift, inspire and suggest alternate ways of understanding your emotions and mindfulness actions in life ,to soothe your personal life path of resistance.

So lets squash a myth.

Being happy all the time is a MYTH.

The great difficulty in that is that when (not if) life challenges come along,sadly some will suffer far more than is necessary.

Now lets get this clear- I'm not telling you to grow up- or brave up...oh no..i suggesting you be brave enough to feel all your emotions.. Even those raw and scratchy emotions.

You want to feel- Feel them all.

Relinquish trying to will tire you out.!

in fact- the more you resist the more they will keep persisting- they knock and knock like unwanted strangers at your mind door.

Try channelling your emotions....take your tears to the shower..take to expressing on paper, take a walk, take exercise, take meditation, take to distractions, keeping busy.. either method take on those feelings and listen to the clues..

You can use your imagination.

What if you re framed your worry- what if you imagined a future where things did work out. Spent time contemplating what it would be like if you were a success..

If you imagine a pathway that can work...

Now lets try imagining things not going well. Its a shit future where all you do is fail....

You do realise that neither options are real???

You have imagined it all.

Its very easy to get into the habit of imaginary suffering. Where you find your self thinking the worst.

How much of your suffering is actual facts?

When you stick to the facts- you open yourself to other ways of resolving your life event.

Stop and question yourself often- Is this real, or is this my perception of it?

You can imagine anything . From pain to power.

As stated above every single person in this world had suffered an event at some time in their precious life. No one is exempt. Yet how you rebuild...that is the biggest challenge for you right now.

I always advocate slow n steady...taking time and setting a comfortable pace for you as an individual.

Or seeking help

Covid has been a beast.. try not to let it eat you for too long. Express your emotions bravely and wisely as best you can.

So you can clear your mind path to walk your new life path, with as much happiness in it as is possible. and with as much power as you can muster..

You got this!

With you all the way.....lets keep moving on, stick to the rules at level 2 and beat the bastard.


Remember kindness always prevails;


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